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    Default Got this random hb8 number on facebook

    so i sent a random HB8 girl on facebook a message that i saw from one of my friends friends pic if that makes sense, sorry its so kind of long but here it is

    me:Hey can I ask u a question ?
    her:who re u?What do u want?
    me:U know u look so much like my ex girlfriend it's not even funny, don't tell me your from Colombia ?
    her:Im from puerto rico,How u know me?
    me:I don't know u, you just looked familiar
    Where is puerto Rico at ? (playing dumb)
    her:Puerto rico is an island of the Caribbean, Ok but where u saw me on facebook? Why?
    me:Lol u ask alot of questions huh , but no cuz I saw u on kelvins cast party bus pic(a photographer that takes pics and he put them on fb) , do u live in orlando?
    her:Ohh,I was doing the disney internship,Im back home now
    me: Oh that sucks , that would of been cool if we met
    How did u like it ?
    HER:It was so much fun
    blah blah blah
    so we started talking for a little more then i decided to use the 5 question game that i saw from styles on youtube, guys this game is a charm i think it works almost 95 percent of the time it is used ,it doesnt matter if its thru text or in person in a club, anywhere but here is how it went

    me: Hey u ever played the 5 question game ?
    me: Ok listen I'm gonna ask u 5 questions and all u have to do is answer them wrong ok very simple lol
    her:Why should I answer them wrong?
    me:Lol thts how we play the game duhhhh
    i'll try haha
    me: But we have to bet
    If u lose u have to give me your number lol
    her:Bet for what?
    Thats easy
    I will looose jaja
    me:So ur not even confident in ur self lol
    Ur saying ur gonna lose and u didn't even play yet
    So u got it ?
    her:Ok Ok
    me:Ok where do u live ?
    me: What is your name ?
    me: Come on u gotta answer them quick
    Where did u do ur internship ?
    her: puerto rico
    me:Ohh ok I see ur pretty good
    How many questions was that
    hernly 3
    U still have 2 more
    me: hahaha
    Got you
    her: Why?
    me: U were supposed to answer it wrong
    Remember , u lost lol
    her: I did
    Answered them wrong
    me:Nooo u answered the one I asked u how many questions wrong
    her: ohhh sh1tt
    me: U were supposed to say anything but 3 cuz 3 was the right answer
    me:Lmaooo really it took u tht long to get it
    her:I know,Thats so bad
    me:So u remember the bet
    her: #number#

    so anyways we started talking more after that shes going to come visit and were definitely hanging out, fellas tell me what you think, please criticize , feedback always helps

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    Default Re: Got this random hb8 number on facebook

    Just my 2 cents: This may be Game according to some MPUAs, but I don't ever want a girl's number because she lost a rigged bet & felt obligated to share the digits.

    In my mind that frames things negatively in 3 ways:
    She lost
    She *had to* give her number
    She was tricked

    I want her to give me the number only because she's interested in seeing me later. Full disclosure, I have no idea how facebook or IM Game works with strangers. It's creepy, IMHO.

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