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    Default Number Close...Failure?

    I have had my eye on this girl for months! We always talk and seem to have great chemistry. So today, I knew this was the last chance I would see her for two more weeks. I have been gone for training out of state, and I have my vacation coming up.

    So she walked in, she sees me and has a huge smile. I start a conversation. She tells me she has applied out of state for a similar job I'm in. I walk her to where her client she is seeing is at. She does her thing, and comes back out several minutes later. I'm talking to a co-worker and approach her again. We as it ended up, applied for the same job federal job. I had done this a few years ago, and she just recently did.

    Now, I am very shy about asking girls out, especially in person, and have not done very many times before. I always find girls via the internet, and have had extensive history with that.

    So we had a long great conversation about the process of this job, and then I walk her to the front door. I then say, We should talk more over coffee, and ask for her number. This HB9 actually gives it to me on her business card. I actually exchange my card with personal number on it as well.

    She joked that she was gonna give my card and number to her clients. This was a sh!t test of course...and I responded something like "Wow, don't do that!" Laughed, and she said, "No I wouldn't' do that!"

    I was busy at the moment, so an hour or two later, I texted her
    "Hey ____, It's Allen, Just in case you gave this card to any clients, make sure you save it. Who knows, it might be the most important number you will ever get. "

    No response yet...I think I'm gonna give it a day or two, and text back. Any ideas or tips what it should include??

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    Default Re: Number Close...Failure?

    Try to relax and not overthink it. Things are going smooth and you just took the next step by suggesting a meet and exchanging numbers. You don't know her texting habits. So just give it a few days or even a week. Mind you your text really didn't need a response so next time make sure to ask her a question. But so far seems fine in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Number Close...Failure?

    Hey congrats on the Number Close. She sounds like the kinda girl that likes to tease, so I'm guessing she'll probably write something witty back about that.

    Although, I'm not sure I get that line.. I've seen I on here befor and honestly it sounds a little AFC.. to me it sounds like 'now that we've exchanged numbers, let me verify why it's a good idea for u to have my number'- even though it comes off a little cocky, it doesn't convey a whole lot.

    Not trying to kick u down a peg man, that's just my opinion of that line.

    I woulda gone with something a little more off-the-wall, especially if she's an HB9, and you already know her a bit I presume:

    'Hey if you're not too busy whoring my number out to those clients, lemme know if u can meetup for coffee at *such and such time/place.'

    She'll think it's funny, and it will reopen the last meeting you had, and the tease/flirting she did when u wrote down your number. It's witty, and brings back that moment for her.

    But just a suggestuon man, I think your doing fine too. Just be Alpha and keep her interested

    Game on..

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