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    Default Boyfriends aren't barriers, they're obstacles.

    My go at Mystery's "Boyfriend Destroyer." This trick only really works if she's going out with a guy that gets jealous. This is a coworker's girlfriend, I have ALOT of coworkers, so it's not so risky. (HB9 blonde surfer) The line is in bold

    • M: Are you coming to the party?
    • H: What party?
    • M: do NOT tell other people at my work about it though
    • H: I don't talk to other people at (name of work here). is craig invited cause he won't let me go unless he is.
    • M: are you serious? he won't let you come?
    • H: Nope.
    • M: wow
    • H: yeah he's an asshole like that
    • M: I don't quite understand that, but I guess he's a bit jealous? some people are like that Well at least he's a nice guy. I prefer my girls to be able to have fun on their own sometimes.

    Ok this line is made to subtly point out his flaw, jealousy, in a way that if it is repeated it sounds like you are supporting the boyfriend

    • M: I forgot about craig but yeah, just reiterate what I told you, I don't want people at work knowing. It's BYOB btw.
    • H: ok. so do you want to invite him to your thing? like when and where is it?
    • M: Invite him, I don't mind.

    I did not invite him myself as I'm anticipating them breaking up. 48hrs later her relationship status goes from "in a relationship" to "single."

    • M: Hey punk!
    • H: hey what's up dude?!
    • M: Chilin with some friends at my place, you?
    • H: Nice sittin on fb playing hemp tycoon
    • M: You doin ok?
    • H: Yup fantastic. you?
    • M: Spectacular!
    • H: Schweeet
    • M: I wanted to check up on my homeless friend. (She was looking for a new place and staying with her friend)
    • H: haha, thanks. I'm fine though. At craigs right now actually. (she was getting her stuff)
    • M: Oh good, make sure you take a shower, I can smell you from here.
    • H: I did already jerk
    • M: Lmao


    • M: I wanted to get a DJ, but (blah blah blah)
    • H: So why don't you just hook up pandora?
    • M: We usually do something like that lol. Our parties aren;t really about the music.
    • H: Yeah I'm sure. Will there be pin the tail on the donkey?

    [making fun tactic from suavekino! Thanks man!]

    • M: Ohhh... lmao. Yes and bobbing for apples, that's the BEST.
    • H: oh oh what about spin the bottle?
    • M: except last time when someone forgot to put candy in the pinata
    • H: oh man that's weak.
    • M: what ever, you don't know nothing till you get to kiss a girl in a closet ;p
    • H: oh 7m in heaven... now were getting PG-13. haha
    • M: mhm.. wait till we break out twister, you get to 2nd base!
    • H: oh my gosh, is there going to be truth or dare too?
      M: noooo.... mommy said we can't plat that.
    • H: but why? I'll tell you a secret.... I only pick truth. Haha
    • M: LAME! I only pick dare.
    • H: oh living on the edge
    • M: pshh... my middle name is "danger"
    • H: wow
    • M: hey I gatta go, going with some friends, hopefully someone brought UNO send my your number punk
    • H: haha or go fish
    • H: I don't have a phone yet
    • H: Once I get it I'll send you numba

    [One day later]

    • H: [sends phone number] DO NOT tell craig. he doesn't know I got a phone.
    • M: [my phone number]
    • M: Punk!
    • H: what
    • M: what's up with you?
    • H: nothing you?
    • M: Sitting in the aftermath of an incredible party
    • H: Scheet. How was it. Sorry I missed it.
    • M: It's was great (blah blah blah) It's cool, you're just going to have to make it up to me. No biggy, maybe a back massage?
    • H: Haha! maybe.

    [At this point she texts me and asks me to msg her over phone rather than facebook]

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    Default Re: Boyfriends aren't barriers, they're obstacles.

    Well played sir. Well played.... Lol
    To my bros who served with me.
    "When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

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