I'm gonna try and keep this as short as possible.

I met up w/ a HB a month or two ago cause she was down visiting family from up north. How I got to that point is irrelevant. We ended up hanging out for about 3-4 hours her last night here. K-Closed and even received oral. This was first time i seen her since i met her a year ago.

So she goes back up north. It's done ya know. Lives 1,000 miles away.

She comes to visit family this weekend in a town close by. Now my whole thing lately has been Alpha Alpha Alpha Male in everything I do. It's been a struggle. The old me had the inner desire to buy drinks, open doors, etc. I've been on a new level lately though. I'm selling the kool aid and the girls are drinking it(Jim Jones reference foreigners). This is my world and i don't care if you're in or out mentality.

So when she gets here she demands i tell her exactly when I am coming to see her. I laugh. Stop her in her tracks and tell her, If u need an exact time I'm just not going to come. I've had a busy schedule lately and I really could not pinpoint when. 8 hours after that shit test and she is begging me to come. BEGGING. OFFERS me gas money even(it was somewhat of a drive).

So I arrive about 4 in the morning. This girl will not get off of me. She is all over me at the pool. She is all over at dinner. Almost too much. She is wanting to make me something to eat all the time. I was ready to go home from the clingy behavior. I bailed early and left at midnight instead of next morning.

So here's the background on her. She just split up w/ her man the first time i met her. She had told me she had been online dating and even told me she slept with a guy within days of meeting him(which I didn't have a problem w/). The point here is she is sexually active and i know it. I did have sex with her 3 times while i was there. PROTECTED SAFE SEX TOO.

So i'm on my way home and i start getting a massacre of texts/phone calls asking me why I left. I told her I decided to head out early cause I had a meeting the next day after lunch and preferred not leaving around 8am if possible. Which I talked about earlier in day I would probably do.

All day today i have received text after text after text. She then makes the accusation that i'm sleeping with other people(noooo shit sherlock homes) and she would have never slept w/ me if she knew i was sleeping around. I did not tell her about any of the girls i've been dating........it was just ridiculous because she threw that shit at me when she gave me uncanny details about her current sex life....MAKES NO SENSE....she lives halfway across the country too!!!!!

she also referenced my location on facebook when i got there before all this happened....i deleted it immediately because i have about 40k worth of equipment in my place that would be a target if people knew i was out of town...i kinda have a public life in what i do professionally....bu t i also always keep my private life OFF facebook.....this was established weeks ago...

I pretty much just told her i was a grown man...i was sexually active duh....and after told her the conversation she was throwing at me was ridiculous....and added in that she was 1,000 miles from me so what was the point of even taking stabs....i then told her i was DONE.....deleted her off facebook, blocked her number.

This chick was clingy. I'm not sure if this was the power of PUA/super alpha male or just an AFC kinda girl....

That's my story. Just wanted to share the story. Any insight is appreciated on what i should have done differently or stuff like this that has happened to you guys. I look forward to a struggle on the next HB.