I love Veges. Ive had two sorta similar experiences my last 2 times there and kinda wanted some advice.

In the first experience I was at the club and started a conversation with a girl I had my eye one. Things started it and by the end of the night we were making out. Once we left the club and headed to my hotel everything was great but once we got to the hotel lobby she said she had to be up early and go to work so then she left.

The second time with a completly differnt girl it started off the same way. Open, conversation, dancing and kissing. I could tell this girl was really into me and wanted to spend more time with me and come back to my room but her friends which were females wernt having any of it. To them I was just some other guy in Vegas just trying to get some. When we left the club her friends made sure that she came with them.

Any suggestions how to overcome the "I have to be up early obsticale" or more importantly the "friend" obsticle. Thanks. -Trouble