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    Default 1st field report, not so great.

    Well gents,
    I knew this wouldn't be an easy transition, but I'm undeterred.

    My first approach today started in an open air mall, in the central park area. I sat down on a bench, notebook ready.
    An HB7 and her HB6 friend sat down near me with their backs turned, and I began working on my crappy sketch opener.

    When I was done, I folded it up and handed it to HB7, with the line "You have inspired me to high art". Yes, I'm copying Ross Jeffries, but it seemed like a good approach. I started walking off, when I heard them laughing. I slowly walked back, and at this point I messed up. I shook HB7's hand and introduced myself, instead of getting into another opener or routine. It got awkward at that point, so I left.

    I continued walking around the mall at this point, and I swear I kept running into the same set of 3 women. I'm trying to work up to confidence with more than 2 women, but needless to say I am not there yet.

    Later on, I returned to the courtyard, to try out the crappy sketch artist opener again. This time, I saw two HB6s sitting on a park bench, while HB7 stood in front of them. I found the situation very comical...good material for that opener. I started sketching, but then they walked off when I was almost done. Damn. I start walking around the mall some more, but the women I spotted were all paired up with men.

    Dissatisfied, I went to the local bar, and tried out the cologne opener on the bartender gal. It almost worked, but when she asked me what brands they were, I completely flubbed the retort about them being hemlock and chloroform. She still laughed, but it was obvious that it was a practiced joke.

    Live and learn. I realize that I need to practice my routines a lot more. Gotta work up that confidence.

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    Default Re: 1st field report, not so great.

    Good to hear you're not phased by this.

    I think all in all you did a fairly good job for your first time out. Sounds like you blasted any aa you had and opened the sets you want. That's a great start. I don't think confidence is your issue at all, I think you just need a little more practice. Try sarging a few more times and see if things don't go a little bit better for you.
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