So it’s been a while since I posted a field report. This one isn’t anything spectacular but felt the need to post something….
I had to check out a few places before I ended in one bar that is really becoming an ‘old faithful’ type venue for me. It’s ladies night. As soon as I walk in the DJ greets me, never happened before. She’s cute so I talk with her for a bit. Running the thumb personality test telling her that she is left brain dominant, so she’s more analytical than anything else. I tried opening a few sets but didn’t have much success. Also wasn’t in a good state. So I decide to head to the upstairs lounge area and see two HB8s, blonde and brunette.
I run my two openers on them, during the second opener they start to joke with each other. The joke didn’t make sense so I neg them on it saying “now I know why we’d never get along” looking at the blonde then the brunette. They look at me for a second and I continue “because you two don’t make sense.” They laugh, next I run the finger test which shows if you were exposed to more testosterone or estrogen in the womb. As I explain it they both lean forward and HB brunette rests her chin on her fist, an evaluative gesture. I have them look at my hand first. They give an answer and I say “Thank God! (Sighing)”. So I ask them to show me they dominant hands and say “You are a woman!” They are relieved and say Thank God too. So I add in “That’s good because otherwise I’d like ‘what have you been keeping from her?!’”. More laughter... After we make small talk about college, blah blah. I run out of thing to talk about and go to the bathroom.
So going down to the outside and hang for a bit. Open another set, one girl was friendly but no interest the other just argued with me in a drunk, jaded whore way, not worth much effort. So I head to the dance floor, it’s a quarter to 12. I didn’t intend on dancing with a girl since my dance floor game needs work. Seeing the DJ from earlier, make a quick comment then start dancing. Now for shits and giggles I try to get some girls to dance. Gently pulling them over to me, w.e. Nothing worked for me. I make my way over to the stage areas where the bands play but not this night. Now my mind is like, fuck it, I’m not gonna even try to dance with a girl at all. I’m just gonna have fun.’
I end up dancing with this small group of guys and they’re encouraging me bust some moves. I do some type of quick steps or something and dancing with the group for a few minutes. On my right I see a nice looking thick black girl, we make eye contact and I smile. Instantly she comes up to me, turns around and starts to grind the hell out of me. Bending over and everything, now I’m not fond of a girl bending over never was but this time I decided to go with it. After like 30 seconds I’m hard and trying every thought to calm down a bit. She doesn’t mind at all and grinds even more. Goes to show you that some girls don’t care if their grinding a hard-on. Lol And lesson relearned, if the men accept you the women will too. Plus me just not caring period. I spin her so that were front to front and she got the wrong idea on something, idk. After she steps away and I couldn’t hear what she said. The next song plays, the one that goes “but here’s my number so call me lately. “ The thick girl touches my cheeks and plays with my glasses. Now you’d figure that with all these IOIs I’d be in. But that’s not the case. Which I’ll type about later. I look at her friend who has lighter skin and is slender. The thick girl sees me looking and almost orders me to dance with her friend. Lol She basically pulls us by the arms together. Preselection here? So I’m grinding with her friend front to front, really body rolling. We move a bit so that we’re now front to back and HB thick and another girl take a picture of us dancing. HB slender has her hand on the back of my neck, normally I would have tried a kiss but something told me not this time. I dance again with HB thick, when were done I tell her “girl got moves”, next was “its just like fucking” “what” (music was quite loud) “It’s just like fucking”. So they leave and go off somewhere else. I stay and dance some more. Trying to get two other girls to dance jus to se,e but they turn me down. Now with all that fun and pre-selection you’d figure that it would be a lot easier to dance. Or is it because they thought I wanted to dance the same way with them?
I go back upstairs and see HB blonde and brunette, they smile and wave but I don’t reengage them Good thing too, since they were with their boyfriends. Obvious by the body language. One got annoyed I think because he gestured toward me complaining to HB brunette. About to Ieave I find the girls I danced with earlier, they took some photos with me, sticking our tongues out, kiss on the cheek blah blah. They asked for my facebook but I really don’t have one and try for a number, HB thick dancer says that she is married and her friend as a boyfriend. So it was probably a flirty girl’s night out. Idk. Hopefully I see them again since they were cool people but who knows.