Hey, guys! Tonight I made my first approaches on some women after having read all of this PUA material! It was a success and it has annihilated most of my Approach Anxiety.

The Story

I hooked up with my friends in a bar and discussed all of this PUA stuff with them and how I wanted to try it out. One of them, who is also single, was on board and so I had myself a wingman. I recommend getting your friends on board to anybody who has issues with approach anxiety. Having a friend to discuss tactics and alike with got me into state fairly quickly.

Anyways, we went up to the bar to arm ourselves with a drink for the casual look and we selected our targets. There was a woman sat at a table alone who I caught looking at my friend and I so we waited a little while so not to look desparate and then as we were walking towards her table my friend got last minute aa and he carried on walking to where our group was sat.

Alone and frankly shaking half to death I went up to her and opened with a direct opener in the style of Sashapua (Youtube Sasha Daygame) and expressed my interest in her by telling her that she looked 'interesting and gorgeous'. Surprisingly it actually worked! She thanked me and then I jumped into a couple of questions that I'd thought up in the three second gap between fun and awkward. I asked her what she did and a few other things and after that I can't even remember what we talked about! It felt so natural! The direct opener (said authentically and not in a creepy nervous way - important!) completely knocked out all of her defences and we got along really well for the 15 minutes or so that we talked - during which time I got a tiny bit of Kino Escalation in.

Unfortunately my friends wanted to relocate to go out clubbing so my friend came over ot me and told me that we had to leave - I was gutted! Anyways I asked her if she wanted to meet up sometime to try and close things up but then she dropped the bombshell that she had a boyfriend on me So I just let it slide and proceeded with the niceties such as saying that it was nice to meet her and went off with my friends.
As we were about to leave it occurred to me that there was no harm in number closing her and asking her to meet up as friends some time so I reapproached her and touched her shoulder and asked her for her number. She smiled the most genuine smile possible. It was like the type of smile that a little kid has when you give them something they really want - so cute!! Understand, though, that she was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous so this was the smoking hot kinda cute. So I got her to put her number in (copying the style of Sasha again) and gave her a missed call to 'give her my number', in other words, to check that she'd actually given me her real number and sure enough it rang.

Later, after I'd left, I received a text from her saying 'it was nice to meet you :P :P' so I'm taking this as an IOI alongside everything that happened that night. Having a boyfriend though, I'm not sure whether it's morally right to try to organize a meet-up with her or whether she'd respond well to it now the magic of the moment has worn off. AFter all, we only talked for 15 minutes. What do you guys think? Should I proceed to text her? What on earth would I say in this situation where she has a boyfriend? Opinions are valued.

Moving forward in the night, we went to a club where the only women were hanging around in groups so we settled on indirect openers such as 'Can I have a fag?' so not to annoy their friends or gain their disapproval from there we chatted away. We lost a few to my wingman's approach anxiety/nerves during the conversation or to their friends pulling them away to go and dance but other than that it went smoothly and I think I must have opened up around 6 women that night. All in all, excellent work I think. For all who are reading this and still haven't put all the adviceo n this forum into practice, go out there and get stuck in!!

I would like advice on whether or not I should try to get involved with this girl with a boyfriend though because she was absolutely amazing and interesting. Opinions?