Anyone who's available its help me out. I had an HB 8.5. At the house tonight watching a new movie with me. The background is we work at the same office she likes me I like her we flirt on text and by eye contact. And we've spoken or texted just a few times so I finally said fark it and asked her out on a date. Perfect so we ended up watching a movie on my bed 21 jump street. Built up the courage to kiss her put my hand on cheek and kiss close. We even Tongue kissed but I think I messed it up as I stopped it. So we're watching a movie she hasn't seen before never again watching an old movie so she won't be too interested on it next time.
Sticking Point: So after the first few kisses I try to escalate by kissing on the neck but not working I'm even cuddling a little with her. So I decide I'll wait til the end of the movie but nothing. She wouldn't even give me a good kiss tonight just a peck.
Help me were did I mess up? And should I freeze her out at work or text her something. Please I was so close dang you LMR
Where did I mess? Too much for a first date maybe? Also Had condoms in the draw were my gum was at and of course she saw it is that bad?