After reading a lot of the advice on the forum and watching clips on youtube i thought i better get it all into practice.

So i got a friend and spoke to him about PUA and he was up for going out and trying this technique. I still havnt completly destroyed my aa so it took me a while to start approaching women( about 3 hours).

Even thought it took me a while i ended the night with 3 complete blow offs, 2 that said after a while they had a bf and i got 2 n-closes and what really took me by surprise is i got pick up by a girl aswell.. Heres a few of the encounters i had, please critique.

1st aproach: 2 set dancing

I walked into a club, i walked in like i owned place. I quickly scanned the area and saw to finnisg girls dancing by themselves a HB7 and HB6. I walked straight over to them and started
Me: you know you guys are actually quite good at dancing but you just seem to be doing the same as everyone else
HB7: oh really ( said in a cheeky sort of way)
Me: yeah, you dont want to be like everyone else you need to try something diffrent.
HB6: like what?
Me: like this( i took hold of the hb6 and started twirling here around dipping her a few times, i guess she was enjoying it)
HB 6 was giggling after
Just before i could get another word in my friend comes over and talks to me. In those 5 seconds that id left 2 guys ( really good looking spanish guys) had gone in for the girls. I tried to recover by going to the group and saying to the 6 " that was a bit rude of them butting in when we were talking" she shrugged, smiled then i just gave in. I had no idea what to do to get the girls back.

2nd aprroach

I walked out of a club a saw this girl talking in a group and whent straight for this girl that caught my eye on the street. She was with a group of friends so i opened the group with " so you guys have come out to get a bit of air aswell" i talked to the group for a bit won the guys over very easily then i whent after my target HB7.
we talked for about 10 minutes, during the conversation her friends whent back into the club and she didnt even notice. A friend of hers came out the club looking for her and said for her to go in, so she did a quick goodbye to me and whent in, imwasnt about to give up so i whent in after her and tapped her arm.
Me: hey listen ive really enjoyed to talking( she giggles touches her neck and aggrees), id really like to carry on talking to you another day, what can i do to contact you?
HB7: id like to but i have a bf.
So i said my goodbyes and left. Is there anyway i could have lead the conversation to get her number even though she has a bf?

3rd aproach

A group of americans, 2 guys and a HB9. i start talking asking them if they like spain if they liked the clubs blah blah blah. I didnt take any notice of the girl just spoke to the lads and won them over easy, my friend was trying his best english on the girl with no luck. The girl walks up to me and starts talking, i start talking about good clubs to go to blah blah blah. During the convo there was a lot of touching, i was also trying out mirroring her. As the lads where getting bored of my mate and wanted to leave i went in for n-close.
Me: listen why dont you give me your number and ill give you a call to go out this weekend.
I put the number in my phone, she told me her name and they left. I reckon i could have gone in for k-close but wasnt sure how to go about it, any pointers?

I know this post is a bit big butmits my first night out with PUA techniques and any advice would be great.