It's true in France the public toilets are exactly that, last week I was going for a piss when a girl who was almost back to back with me washing her hands shouted out "Your English!" I spun around placed one hand on her hips and one into the fingers of her right hand and showed her palm to her replying "And your wet" I kissed her for maybe 20 seconds, knowing it was too open to get it on where we were I pushed her away and said "I have to get back to my friends, I'll see you later" then as she left I washed my hands buzzing in the moment, but that wasn't enough whenver I get into a situation of meeting a girl I challenge myself to meet another girl as quick as I can forcing me not to rest on my laurells and improve my game.

So as I left the toilets a Milf, probabaly a 7 if 10 was your wildest dreams passed me I stopped and shouted "No Madame, ces't ferme" which basically means the toilets are closed, the next few minutes were both hillarious and unbelievable, she started to dance back and forth squeezing her thighs. You could tell she needed to go BIG TIME! Bare in mind she is French and spoke very little english. I said I would help her and escorted her to the toilets pretending to chase away the person that never was in there, she then shut and locked the door behind us, pulled down her pants and pissed infront of me. That was it we had shared something that some couples never do, she was mine and I was in. I french kisses and ******* her. When we returned to our seats at the farmers market outside she sat with her husband and kid smiling over at me and I sat with the girl I kissed earlier.