Last night, I was at rooftop in NYC, I had to meet a girl for the second time. She brought a female friend with her. I had a fried with me to help me with the obstacle. The target is a cute girl, she was giving me ioi's left and right. She said that she liked my cowboy hat, she then started poking me. But I was not as reactive as she expected me to react, I did poke her just a little bit, but then release! While waiting to get in the rooftop, she then started touching my bicep and commenting to her friend it was really hard. Her friend touch me, and agreed with her. Her friend was a little drunk, after drinking at a bar while waiting for me. I try to help my wing with her, but she was into white guys, and he is Indian. Her friend kept pull my girl, and since she was dizzy my target had to taking care of her. And the end I manage to dance with her a couple of songs, and it was on..she was smiling and looking at me. I could see the sparkle in her eyes. I manage to kiss her, although it was a little peck...since she didn't want to appear easy in front of her friend. But I was grinding on her while dancing. She had to go with her friends..but she was pushing for us to see us another time! After, she left I stay back, and worked on other HB10's she manage to see me hugging another girl. I did thaty on purpose as a jealousy plot. I wanted to make sure to let her know in an unconscious manner that I was going to have fun with her or without her! The other girls was accepting my kino, and her friends were enjoy my presence. She seemed jealous, which I didn't pay attention and continue my interaction with the other girl. Then after my wing left, I stay gaming other girls, I have come to terms that my best wing is myself. And that I will have fun regardless if I have a girl next to me or not!