I went sarging with a couple of PUAs from this forum, now I can put a face to their PUA names. I was opening sets and introduce them to my friends. Then I Isolate a couple of girls of my choosing! A Indian girl was really into me, introduce her to a PUA, I follow wing man protocol. I left him to work the girl, but after 30 minutes the girl, came to me. So seeing that the girl was not into my friends, since, I was dancing and she turned back to meet and start saying that what I was dancing. I told her, you want to dance, she came back to me and started dancing like a little child. Any one could see the smiles at her eyes, she was giving me ioi's left and right! The time bridge was to see her again for a pizza event I am organizing for the weekend! I am very confident that she will attend the event..and later I will bounce her or just go onto seduction phase!