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    Default Is it possible to move out of the friend zone..?

    Hi Guys,

    Ok here is the story,

    I met a girl at New Years 2012, and it was the first time i started using any form of structure while picking up. I had just read 'The Game' and decided to loosely use some of the ideas i got from the book. The night went great and she end up getting my number and calling me the next day.

    As per my typical MO lets just say i friended her hard. Somehow i always manage to move in the friend zone way to easily. Its very fustrating most of my 'friends' i pick up are 10's.

    Anyway back to the story. She told me she didnt want to date me as we work in the same area. After becoming better and better friends over the last 7 months i might came when we both went out on the town. I went with her and two other girls to a strip club (there idea) for a few hours. The girls ended up paying for me to get a lap dance out back etc and after a while we moved to another club. Ill point out at this stage i had made no advances, no Kino nothing. Everything seemed normal. Also there was a fair bit of alcohol going on.

    We moved to the next club and a guy started talking to her. They went down stairs to another part of the bar together. After i while i walked there by myslef and they were talking by the bar. I went straight to him and said 'You can try all you like, she is coming home with me'. I then walked back upstairs.

    After about 5 minutes she was upstairs with me alone. I grabbed her hand and went to the dance floor. 5 minutes later we are dirty danceing, 5 more minutes making out, 5 more minutes and we had to leave because its illeagel to do any more in the club.

    Getting in the cab i offer to drop her home but she insists she wants to come back to my place. Next minute we are in my bed and the rest is history.

    What does everyone think, did the strippers make her jealous? is this a form of negging? Did what i say to the guy dhv? The kino was insane, so much pashion, ive been in alot of relationships etc but it was so strong. Also another fact i should point out is at the time she was dating a guy who she also works with and from what she told me was crazy about him.... or was she..

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    Default Re: Is it possible to move out of the friend zone..?

    Well if she went home and slept with you obviously it is possible to move out of the friendzone. You made a move, she made a move. That's all it takes.

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