What's up dudes....pretty drunk so please bear with me.

I had a decent night out with friends but wasn't very happy with how it ended up...I'm basically gonna just recap the entire night for everyone and if you could comment on where I went wrong or improvements I could have made that would be greatly appreciated!

SO, I started at a local bar for trivia night...I was with a lot of friends and one of which was an HB6 (at most) who my work friends were trying to set me up with but I'm not really down. My buddy walks in the bar at 10:30 ish saying he has a party to go to so I roll out with him.

We get to the party and its 2 girls and 4 guys..some party right. One girl is an HB4 and the other is about an HB7....I should have just been friendly and worked game on both, (making sure to befriend and be more friendly to the HB4) but I basically just ignored both because I was, and still am pretty tipsy. For some reason when I drink I ALWAYS think that COMPLETELY ignoring a girl will turn her on to me but that doesn't seem to be the case.

SO, me and my underage buddy decide to go and try and find girls at a different, more popular, bar. We're inside and IMMEDIATELY I see the bartender I'm secretly in love with (you've probably seen me post other threads about the topic)....So, for a reason I wish I could tell you I basically freeze up and get all sorts of nervous. I walk up the stairs to try and avoid her and she walks up behind me to go to the bar, mumbles something to me quick then walks right past me and keeps on going. At this point I'm pretty drunk and play it "somewhat" cool as if I didn't see her but what should I have done in that situation?? I was legit freaking out because I had texted her this past weekend with no response and now, here she was, right behind me and I couldn't have been more awkward. On top of that I approached a decent looking 2-set who were married and turned us down immediately.

MOVING ON, we decide to head back to the lame party in hopes that some girls would have been there and it is still the same two, pretty gross girls. I'll be straight, the one girl there I would have f-closed but as always I froze up and didn't know what to do. She was all over this skinny white guy dancing and shit and I did everything I could to not even look. Finally me and my boy were chillin in the kitchen and she came up to ask what our ages were. I said I was over 21 and she said she was almost 21. I told her to come out to the bars with me and my buddies when she's 21 and she "sort of" agreed. From there the night was pretty much over and I just headed home with my head down.

Some days you win, some days you lose big time.

Any help/suggestions??