Hey, my name is Cash and I live here in Puebla, Mexico.
It's gonna be a long read so stay with me
Just so you get to know me, I'm 27 yo, skinny, tall like 6'-6'1'', white skin and I would consider myself average in terms of handsomeness or maybe a lil' above average.

So I was in a LTR of 6 years with this girl, but the problem is that I'm too nice. So I ended up being the door mat and It was a pretty bad situation. In the end our relationship was more like friends, like almost no kissing, sex was like once every 2-3 months, etc. So I ended the relationship and I started looking for info about the PUA community and how to change myself or to stop being an AFC. I've read The Game but never got really into it, or never tried to apply it. So now im looking for help to get into the game.

Long story short, I went to a strip club with my friends. We were just drinking, talking and watching the dancers. We have this policy to never buy drinks to a girl unless she is really friendly. So we called this girl called Krystal (HB8.5) to our table and she sat on my lap and started making conversation. I ended up buying her a drink, then a private dance, then another drink. (From what I've read about Hired Guns, I made like a lot of mistakes like this one)
After the private dance, Krystal started french kissing me and we went back to the table. She kept kissing my neck, lips, hugging me, etc.
We kept talking and kissing and she told me her real name, her age 19 and gave me her number. So that was pretty much what happened the first night. I thought her was kissing was her thing with all her clients, but what I've seen is that she hasn't kissed any other client.

The next night I texted her like "Hey sexy, so how is the hungover?" and she replied "Pretty bad, I haven't slept all day and it's already 5pm". I responded with a "That sucks, are you going to the gym?". I wanted to try to meet up with her, since the gym that she goes to is near my house. She never replied.

3 days passed and I went again to the same strip club. I had just 1 beer and got a private dance with a different girl. I wasn't paying attention to Krystal or looking at her, just totally ignoring her. Krystal came to say hi and just went to another table. I was just leaving and they told me that I couldn't pay with my credit card unless I spent more than 60dlls. So i was like F*** it, I'll get a private dance with Krystal, so we went to the room and she asked me "So how was the dance with the other girl?" and I told her "Yeah, it was alright!".
I was thinking like maybe she is interested in me, but she said something like "When I'm outside I'm a different girl, here I have to be the sluttiest girl in here to get money". By this point I realized it was not interest on her part, just her doing her job. I just paid up and that was it.

So this Saturday we went back, we were 5 this time. We got some drinks and we were just having fun. I was no longer interested in Krystal and was just talking to my friends and having a good time. So she saw us and was like "Hey guys, long time no see. I see you brought a new guy" and I just turned around and nodded. After she was done having a drink with a client, she came to our table to say hi and she went and sat on my lap and started kissing me and telling me like "I love how you smell, I missed you" and I was like "Uhmm ok, thanks". After like 10-15min the waiter came to ask me if I wanted to buy a drink for her, she got me hooked again so I told him "Yeah sure". So we were talking and she was telling me she was depressed, because some bad thing happened. I tried to confort her and tell her everything is gonna be ok, just take it easy, etc.
So after a while, she starts playing with my friends (like rubbing their d***s with clothes on obviously) and whispers to my ear. Sorry I'm just trying to have fun with them, so they're not bored but If you get angry or you're not comfortable with it, just tell me and I'll stop. I was thinking like wtf, why is she asking me this? I guess this is a sh1t test?
I just told her, "Nah it's cool, have fun with them they look bored ". So she kept playing with them and kept talking, kissing me, etc, etc. She finishes her drink and stays like 10-15min more with me and the waiter comes to ask want another drink for the lady? I tell him, no. So she tells me "I wish I could stay but this stupid waiter won't go away and they're gonna scold me or give me a warning". I told her "Np, go ahead see ya".
So she goes away and starts talking to a waitress on the other side of the stage. She keeps staring at me and starts sending me kisses, I gave in and sent her kisses to. After a while she comes again and sits on my lap and kisses me again. My friend tells her that I'm making a party and that she should come. She turns around to face me and tells me "Yeah I'll come if you invite me". I told her "Sure, just lemme send you a text so you can have my number". (I ignored the fact that I had already sent her a text like a week ago and never brought up the subject). So I sent her a text and she was watching me type it. "Hey sexy, have a nice trip and take care. See ya". (She doesn't have her phone with her, it's in the dressing room)
So she tells me I have to go, see you back when I get back from my trip (She was leaving the next day to see her family in another city and sign some papers, she wouldn't tell me what papers). So I saw her leave or at least I thought she already left. So we were almost leaving and I had to go the bathroom. When coming back to the table I pass in front of her, she was sitting on a table near the exit. She tells me "Hey, I didn't got your text. So gimme your number". So I give her my number and I asked her "Hey, you look cold" and she answers "Yeah, I am. Would you lend me your jacket?"
I told her "Yeah I guess, just don't steal it. Just give me a call sometime to meet and get my jacket back", she laughs and tells me "I'll give it to you before you go". So I just go back to my table and she starts texting me even when she is like on the other side of the stage. Here's the texting part:

Me: Hey pretty girl. I hope you have a nice trip. Gonna miss you, kiss. Cash (That was really AFC, I gotta admit it. Well pretty much everything I did Lol.)
Krystal: I got a crush on you.
Me: Ohhh, thx I guess.
Krystal: Cash did you bring your car?
Me: Um yeah, why?
Krystal: I was thinking that maybe we could grab a bite before I leave.
Me: I'm gonna keep partying, you coming with us? (It was already 6am so I wasn't gonna party anymore, I wanted to get some sleep)
Krystal: You know I can't, I have to take my plane.
Me: Ok, so let's grab a bite somewhere near.
Krystal: I think that finding a place near is gonna be hard, I wanted for you to come with me to fix my luggage, grab a bite and maybe you can drop me in the bus stop for the airport.
(My friends were looking at all the texting)
Krystal: Hahaha, I see that you're showing our texting to your friends. (This was pretty stupid on my part, should have told them to wait, I just ignored this text)
Me: Ok, so what are you suggesting?
Krystal: That you come and kiss me.
(Pretty AFC thing to do, I got up went to her table and french kissed her. I got back to my table afterwards.)
Me: There you go, so are we meeting?
Krystal: Lemme see what I have to do and I'll let you know. (She was already late)
Me: Ok, babe, just lemme know if we gonna meet.
Krystal: Ok.

After this she calls me like 15min later. "Hey I think it's not gonna be possible to see you cuz I'm already late. But lemme try to hurry up and maybe we can meet. I'll let you know when I get back anyways." I tell her "Sure, we'll see"

So that was pretty much it. Do you think she is interested on me or just playing me? Did I f***ed up things too much or I can fix it?
Right now I have a crush on her, mainly because of how she treated me, pretty much everything that was lacking on my LTR.
I've seriously consider dating her, so it may sound gay but I don't want to have sex with her right away, because she won't take me serious. So any advice on this? What should I do? I sent her a text on the next day, "I hope you had a safe trip, enjoy yourself. Later" she replied "Yeah thanks, I'm already at La Paz".
Should I text her again or what's the next step or just let her go? She's gonna be away for a week if I text her what should I tell her or should I meet her at the club again?