Last night I went to a fashion show at the highest bar in New York City, my wingman and another PUA joined me! At the last minute a girl I had met before, ask me to go with her to the same event I had already planned to go. So I asked her "Are you asking me on a date?" she said "Not", then I said, well you must know that that you will need to dine me and wine me, what do you think, that this is free! As you see I was busting her balls, so I told her to meet me there at 7:00PM.

So my friend (wingman ) and I rode the subway together, girls were looking at me as I walked through Times Square. We got together with other PUAs and student PUAs. Some guys complemented my style and were happy to know me in person. Apparently my reputation is growing, so 15 minutes later, my 'date' arrived blowing the guys talking to me away. Since I demanded, my hello kiss, as I pointed to my cheek.

I should point out that I considered her my Pivot not my date, as she later told other people. Then after wards, I was giving her my famous scalp massage, see picture below. Bouncers and girls and guys couldn't believe that I was doing this to her, and she was enjoying it! Then I left her with my wingman and I went to work other girls, in particular a girl from Dubai.

My opener was just, me dancing and calling her with me index finger. She came without hesitation, even though she was with another guy, which I ask her if that guy was her bf, and she said no. So I decided to dance even closer, and began to smell her and kiss her. After about 20 minutes I invite her for an event during the weekend and she game me her number, right away!

Giving the British-Hindu girl a scalp massage!

Being friendly with the Dubai girl!

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