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Thread: When I win, you win...And I just beat the game!

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    Default When I win, you win...And I just beat the game!

    WARNING: The stunts and illusions being discussed in this thread were performed by an *almost* highly trained professional. DO try this at home.

    Ok guys, I have finally hit an all time high and opened up the doors to PUA heaven...this is what I've been training for.

    As you can tell I finally put my new skills to the test and came out with AMAZING results.

    RECAP of the night:

    I started at a local bar with some friends to grab some "pre-game" drinks...not many young people but we basically just chatted a little bit etc. and waited for a bus to grab us to take us to the real fun. As we're waiting outside my buddy (who has a girlfriend) walks up to a 4 set nearby and says, "Ladies, look at my friend over there" (pointing to me)..."he's recently single and ready to mingle"...Yes, I know, cheesiest thing ever but he's a goof and we have a really good dynamic with each other and have fun with it. So, I yell over and say, "Tell em' I'm good in bed and like long walks on the beach"...Surprisingl y, and most likely due to our joking manner, they couldn't stop laughing and gave us a bunch of IOI's!!

    So, the bus comes and I end up chatting with an HB7 Blonde and this is where I finally see a change in my game. I was pushing, I was pulling, and I was making HER impress ME. I used the classic line of "You're obviously a pretty girl but that's a common thing, tell me something interesting about yourself, impress me"...She went on to tell me how she got struck by lightning (ya I know...bad...ass) and all this other stuff to try and qualify herself.

    We get to the bar and I give the 4 set a cold shoulder and start opening up some other sets...I kid you not (and I hate to sound egocentric), I was getting IOI's left and right...I was so "in state" that I practically reeked of Alpha...AND, it's all thanks to the skills and confidence I got from this Forum and some PDF's I've been reading.

    Some really good lines/things I used that DID get good results were:

    1) "Tell me something no one else knows about yourself"

    2) Anytime an AMOG would come up to the set I was gaming I would just put my hands up and say "Dude, I'll give you 100 bucks if you get these girls away from me!"...and to my own surprise...IT FARKING WORKED, the AMOG loved me, he wanted to BE me, AND the girls were giving me so many IOI's I couldn't keep count.

    3) I'm not sure if it is the proper thing to do but when I was with a girl for a while, I would open a different set right in front of her and work off the dynamic of having both groups with me at the same time...surprisingly I pulled it off.

    One thing that I DID NOT get good results with was the best friend test...which was very disappointing because this was the one thing I had picked up at first that I thought would be awesome to use. I would approach the set and say something like "Hey, I'm sure you two don't get this a lot but you seem like best's just the way your body language is working off each other blah blah blah blah".... blah blah blah...."you should take the best friend test". The girls obviously said OK! but when I asked the question "Do you two use the same shampoo?" NO ONE looked each other in the eye? So I kinda got thrown off and probably looked like a clown hahaha O well, I was loving life.

    As I digress, I kept opening sets and working my game and the more and more I approached, the better I was getting! I ended up finishing the night up with an HB8 Blonde who I was with for about an hour before last call...I ended up with a K-Close with her and could tell I'd have an F-close tonight!

    With the help of all the guys on the Forum and some PDF's etc. I ended the night with 5 numbers and 1 kiss close. AND, I'll be seeing one of them tonight which I'm confident I can pull off the F-close.

    PLEASE NOTE: My goal in writing this thread was NOT to come off as an arrogant, egocentric asshole bragging about my night...To be honest, I've never been so happy in my life to see improvements in my game so quickly. AND, the guys I should be thanking are all of you because without your help, I would be no where fast. Think of it as a win for all of us!

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: When I win, you win...And I just beat the game!

    Inspiring stuff bro! Gonna try to frame like that next time I sarge
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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