So first i wanted to say thanks to all the information that is on here. I started reading on the forums here to try and increase my game after a few F ups recently with girls i actually liked. I thought things were going well, then all of a sudden not so much.

I have now read through the pandora's box files and watched the videos. I also have read through The Tao of Badass now once, and plan to again. I have purchased The Game. I hope to continue improving myself.

To get to my short summarized story, last night i was having a great time with family. We went out to dinner and i was employing the techniques talked about on here and in the files. I was able to get a kiss from one of the servers at dinner. My family was surprised.

Then i went to the bar with my dad. He left, and i started chatting with two gals i had met once briefly in there, but did not talk with much last time (before i read these files). Everything was going great. Built some attraction and then rapport. It was awesome. I was on the motorcycle and the HB8 blonde wanted a ride cause she hadn't been on once since she was younger (I am 21 and she is 30, but with a great body). By the end of the night i actually had her buying me drinks... she bought me three beers and two jager bombs. Then she asked for my number before i left and we kissed. I made sure to get her number as well, but i am letting it dwell. However, she actually wants to take me out for a steak dinner tomorrow, which i think is hilarious. I will see if it continues to go well.

Also, on thursday i went to a local piano bar with two co-workers, one of them being a girl i previously had liked. At first it was slightly awkward because of some of the previous conversations we had had and how she was acting. Then i just started to employ things i had learned. She opened back up. The two of them left, and i stayed because i saw three tables of girls that had been watching me. So i decided to take action. I was able to go up to them and use techniques from on here. I was luckily able to pull nine phone numbers that night, and some from the same sets. I was trying to pull all (14) but i was extremely happy with the nine.

It has been a great week taking these skills out and testing them!

Just wanted to say thanks to this forum and all the knowledge.