Last night I went to a beach club in NYC, I was there with my wigman, I was ready to start opening sets. But then my wigman, told me to leave some sets for the students of the game that were going to stop by to be coached. So instead, I challenged my wigman to a match of Foosball. Being the hunter, I was keeping track of what was going on around me, then I notice that two women, were looking at our direction. I walk to the women, and say..."I see that you two are up for a Match of Foosball. They started laughing, then I said "But the the losers will guy the drinks". We could play because they were having a beer and the Foosball table was taken once again. So my wigman and I, began to work the girls, I isolated one of them, and we started talking about tattoos, which see show me two of them. I was taking them,and teasing her about them. While working them, a student arrive, and I began talking to him..and my coaching duties began. Later on we opened more sets, guys were complimenting my hat and my style. Women with boyfriend, were grabbing my the arms...even when the boyfriends were present, in which case I acknowledge the guy, while the girl%2