Hey guys, I made up a new routine after watching Barney Stintson from how I met your mother challenge himself by trying to get laid in overalls. I put on a t-shirt with holes (a really nice shirt) and challenged myself to game with it at a club last night: here is how all my sets worked out:

Me: “Hey guys, can I ask you a question, real quick?” (I had my back to them with my head facing them and was just passing by mixed sets of mixed sets of 3+).

Them: Quizzical look like wtf, please go away.

Me: “Can you see the holes in my shirt?” Me pointing it out looking generally concerned and having girls point and laugh. The guys would do the same thing and not see me as a threat, and actually talk to me like chums, ushering me into the group.

Me: “See don’t you guys have clothes that people tell that you need to throw away, but then you actually can't because it means something to you?” Someone in the group ALWAYS has something or point out that one of their friends has and they all laugh.

Me: “See, this is my lucky shirt, I have so many great stories but my mom told me it makes us look poor and tells people we aren’t related.” Wait for the laugh to die down, let them talk a little bit, etc…”

Me: “Anyway, so I told her that I was going to go out this long weekend to give my shirt one last weekend it would never forget before I get rid of it”. Later the night, I had people doing shots in honor of my shirt, girls would grab it (Kino) and I would tell them to back off jokingly, pple wanted to sign it, read it, etc…”

On one set that wen't really well, I had two girls say "There you are, come here you have to meet our friends and tell them that joke." Two girls actually said "See, he's better then Russel Peters!"...by the way, I'm Indian so I tell many brown jokes that you can only use if you are brown, lol.

I did this for a few sets last night on the patio, and did not escalate for most. When I went into the club, virtually 1/3 of the club knew of me and girls were pulling me to dance with them. By the end of the night, I didn’t ask for any numbers b/c I was still kind of nervous (it was my first day actually on the field in about a year) but I did give my number out to a girl who refused to leave till I gave it to her, lol. She texted me this morning that I left a red mark on her ass when I slapped it on the dance floor, lol.

Side note: I kept saying “High five,” then after getting the high five would say “no, like you would spank an ass!” After getting a strong high five, I would bend over in front of here and say “Kay, go for it!” I almost always got my ass spanked, and some would turn around and have me spank theirs!

I write this hear so others can benefit from my t-shirt story method. One thing that helped me out was that I kept thinking that if I crashed and burned, it’s because I chose to wear this T-Shirt with holes, lol.

Future Goal: In my next few times out, I am going to do my best to get over some anxiety and start using strategic KINO.