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    Default First time success? maybe? You decide

    TL: DR abstract:

    I met up with a random wing from the forums for a run of downtown LA. He ditched me half-way in, but I had met a cute HB7 and her friend at the bar.

    They bought me drinks and I ended up K-closing the HB7, almost F-closed if she decided to get a hotel room. lol She mentioned several times that we should just book a hotel room if we couldn't find her car or I should drive them back to my place, but it was an hour away.

    Cons: My wing ditched me! wtf. The girl was kinda drunk towards the end of the night so I'm not sure how much she will remember the next day.

    Just enjoy the night:

    I met up with a wing I found on the forums around 11pm at Bar Thirteen in LA. We got a drink, but decided to leave as the ratio was horrendous. I'm new to the LA scene so he recommended that we go to the Library Bar which was pretty unique.

    We're both new to sarging so as we got to the Library Bar, we tried scoping out sets as we waited to get drinks. We were both nervous as hell and did not know even what to say or how to approach our set... It all seemed pretty hopeless.

    I acted as if I was there to get results, but in my mind, I knew that I should just make the best out of the night and have fun. I was talking to my wing as I was standing by the bar when this HB7 bumped into me and shoved herself in front of me. I touched her shoulders and said, "you know I'm in front of you guys right?" She said of course and such politely so I turned back around and continued talking to my wing. A couple minutes after, I started talking to the HB7 and her friend. It was mainly small talk, but I ignored my target for the most part and just talked to her friend. The HB7 ended up in front of me leaning on the bar while her friend and I was talking behind her. This is when I tapped her again and said "since you cut in front of me, you're gonna have to buy my drink." She giggled and complied =)

    After I got my drink, the girls left and told me they're gonna walk around. I said I'll see them around and went looking for my wing. I searched the whole place back and forth for about 10-15 min, texted and called him to no avail. This is when I almost had a panic attack. I was alone in a bar that I've never been to and my wing seemingly ditched me. I almost just gave up after my drink and thought to head home, but I decided to make the best of the night. I got my head together and headed back to the bar.

    This is when I met those girls again. We talked and I told them how my friend left, but I was in a good mood so I joked about it and let it go. We talked, met some other people at the bar, had some nice conversations and decided to get some food around 1:45.

    We walked with her arm around me to her car, but there was one problem, we couldn't find her car...
    We literally spent an hour trying to find it, but it wasn't all bad as whenever her friend wasn't looking, we would sneak in make-out sessions. We eventually found her mini coup and she gave me a ride back to my car.

    I got out of the car, gave her a goodbye kiss and parted. We exchanged info and such so hopefully I can f-close soon.

    I'm not gonna give my wing sh*t as he texted me the next day that he was sorry and "a situation arose..." I guess I did take a risk as I just found a random wing though on the forums.

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    Default Re: First time success? maybe? You decide

    Good to hear you stuck it out and didn't bail when your wing left. You chose the path of growth instead of taking the easy way out. That decision alone will help you find more success in the future.

    - Express

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