Hello my fellow PUAs. I invite you to share some of the funniest stories that happened to you while sarging.

I'll start by telling a funny story that happened to me recently. So I went sarging to Nikki Beach (expensive beach clubs around the world) here in Spain and I see two Norwegian blond twin HB10s. One was lying on a sunbed and the other one sitting next to her. So I went up to the one who was sitting and opened with a random opener ("me and my friend made this bet. are you guys sisters or you just look the same"), then teased her about her sunglasses and had a very good conversation while her sister was half asleep on the sunbed. Then she woke up and the one I was talking to introduced me to her sister.
Before I say anything else, I have to explain that in Spain when you get introduced to a girl, or just say hi to a girl you know, you kiss eachother on both cheeks. Its a tradition, its something everybody does. However those girls, were tourists and they didnt know it.
So when i went to kiss her on her cheek, she freaked out and started yelling at me asking why do I try to kiss her and telling me im a perv and stuff like that. I try to explain her its a tradition and then I see a huge (like much taller than me and im quite tall) woman walking straight to me. And pointing at me with her hand saying with a strond norwegian accent: "YOU TRIED TO KISS MY DAUGHTER; GET OUT OF HERE" and showing me with her hand the exit and saying "GO AWAY". I tried to explain what happened but she kept saying GO!!! and everyone was watching so I was like ok, whatever. My friend was literally laughing on the ground.
And the next day i saw them walking on the beach with their mother again and i challenged a friend to open them and the mother got mad again. I wish he also tried to kiss them

So I hope you guys share some funny stories here