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    Default Salsa Night FLo KTs field report.

    Just wanna throw this out there - I feel like a real AFC right now and I think I could've done MUCH better. But I am learning

    Okay, so the night started with me and my friend entering the club and immediately getting thrown into the middle of a FREE salsa lesson! Her and I danced for a few seconds before rotating partners. I went through about 5 different females, which I commented each one of them on some unique piece of clothing and/or their dancing abilities. Well, the night went on and the only person I danced with was my friend - I had an immense amount of aa and I must've left my cajones in my car or something. Anyway, we danced a few songs before leaving - it was her first time and I haven't danced in a year.

    So I drove her home feeling like a complete AFC because (1) I didn't even execute an approach, (2) didn't get anyone's name, and (3) built no social proof. The only thing I got during that time was a refresher on dancing. Keep in mind, I usually use alcohol as a "state pumper," but not tonight.

    HOWEVER, determined as I was, I turned right around and went back to the club! (SO GLAD I went back)

    As I entered, I noticed that most of the people that were there earlier had left, but was replaced by twice as much people. I strolled a lap around the club and to the bar where I ordered a drink and watched the dance floor for a bit. A few minutes later I took myself and my drink to one table near the entrance. I noticed an HB9 sitting at my 7oclock. It took me an entire song (entirely too long) to get my mind together and go up to her. She ended up being very receptive and outgoing and introduced me to one of her friends - HB7. We made small talk about her and her friends, then some guy motions her to dance. She gets up and looks at me with a "I'll be right back" look.

    So, I moved to this couple that was sitting nearby and made small talk with the guy. I eventually got to talking to the girl for a bit, but the guy was actually more entertaining than the girl. Still talking to the guy, I ignored the fact that HB9 had come back, but she was motioned to dance with some other guy so she left again. So I moved, talked to some random dude who was tearing up the dance floor earlier with a lot of different women. A few minutes into the conversation, HB9 comes up to me and asks me to dance (I had a childish reaction with the random dude, but I couldn't help my excitement). Anyway, she was a whole lot more experienced than I was on dancing and I let her know that beforehand. But no matter how much I messed up she brushed it off and kept smiling. I told her to teach me something and she took the lead for a few seconds - we went back and forth between songs (about 3).

    After that, I led her back to where her friend was sitting and made small talk with her friend HB7. A few minutes later, they were getting ready to leave. As they were walking away, I isolated HB9 for a few seconds and got her card with her email and cell. They lingered a bit, but I made sure not to make eye contact with them, nor make it look like I was looking for them.

    A few minutes after they left, I noticed a couple sitting at my 8oclock - HB8. So, when the waitress came by I made small talk with her, got her name and did very little kino. As she left, the couple that was sitting behind me made their way to the dance floor. While they were dancing, I noticed that HB8 kept looking in my direction (obviously I made an impression). A few minutes into the song, they were somehow closer to me and HB8 kept trying to get my attention. I continued to ignore her and noticed the waitress walking by. I NEGGED her by saying how rude it was how she walked right past me like she didn't even know me. She laughed and we made more small talk as HB8 was watching us. After talking with the waitress, I walked to the DJ and made some small talk. He ended up being the instructor that was teaching the salsa lesson earlier that night. We had a lot in common and he gave me a bunch of flyers and invited me to attend his classes. (Social proof?)

    It was getting late, and I noticed HB8 sitting alone while her date was dancing with another female, in front of HER date. Anyway, I walked up to HB8 and said something that made her laugh, smile and lean in more (I probable should've introduced myself after that, but instead...). After that comment, I turned right around and walked to the other side of the club where the waitress was and made more small talk with her. She said she had to go back to the the tables and I said I had to leave anyway, it was nice meeting her, and kissed her cheek. Her face was like "TAKE ME NOW!" but I wasn't about to wait another two hours for her to get off work (What I should have done, though, was get her number since she was from Europe and was only here for the summer *I'm an idiot*). As I left, I made myself memorable to the bouncer downstairs and the three female workers with him.

    So, I walk out of the club feeling like a total AFC who could have gone much farther with the waitress, HB8, and HB9.
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    Default Re: Salsa Night FLo KTs field report.

    Hmm. sounds like a good night to me. you got a cell # and an invitation to more dance classes form the waitress. Don't focus so much on the down side of your follies. Besides you can always go farther. You got some contact info.

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