I usually go out to hang with friends, but tonight I did something new; I went out strictly for sarging. I met up wing Boss and after observing him I felt a zap of energy. We approached a few 2sets that I was kind of nervous about until I figured out what was really going on. I was "warming up" for the night by just opening a few sets and making nonesense conversations - if it went somewhere it went, if it didn't it didn't. I felt really good though because I had Boss there to help me out and encourage me to work the room.

I went looking for him on the outside patio, but ended up at a dead end. To my surprise, there was a HB10 sitting alone at a table smoking. It seemed so easy to approach her and it felt like I was Neo in The Matrix at that moment. After getting her attention, I made sure to bring myself down to her level by sitting in the chair next to her, but moving it to a position which made me comfortable and talked to her over my shoulder. She ended up being a VERY interesting person - she even told me that "guys usually don't come up to talk to me because they think I'm a stuck up B, but you did. I like that." She invested A LOT into our conversation. I told her I'll let her know when I go out so we can meet up at a Latin nightclub, so I got her number.

I walked out proud tonight.

I have a few take-outs that I need some advice on:
-I was on the dancefloor and wingBoss was trying to take a picture of me, so I asked a girl next to me (who was dancing with her friend) to be in the pic with me. She said "you can have my back," so I got the pic - I didn't care because I was having a good time. After he got the pic, I told her that she had a sexy back. It was obvious that it wasn't going to get any further. How/what are some ways to do a cold-approach, on the dancefloor, and get a pic with her/them all within 30seconds?

-On our way downstairs, wingBoss and I opened up a 2set and quickly isolated. We all walked in the same direction down the street with our targets, but we were about 20ft apart. I got a stripper. I have no idea how to hold a conversation with a stripper about her job or anything. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable the entire walk - I just wanted to get to my car. But atleast I tried. How do YOU hold a conversation with a stripper and how can you build rapport while talking about her profession?

-The HB10 I was talking to was very friendly. She mentioned that she was fat two years ago (210lb) but she's been working out and eating healthy (two of the things I find VERY attractive in a potential LTR). So I elaborated on that peice of information because of the feelings and emotions people feel when they work out was very positive, and each time we strayed away from the topic I'd bring it right back. But she was such an interesting person and talked a lot and we built so much rapport that I didn't feel like I was leading much. I mean, I know it's good to give them a bit of control after the hook, but she was wayy too interesting for me to be able to talk about myself except to connect with her (we shared a lot of common interests and perspectives). She was also very comfortable with me touching her, but the only things I got back was hand gestures, she'd lean in to talk to me, and she leaned in first to give me a kiss on the cheek goodbye - both times (before and after I got her contact info). She did say that she gets a new phone soon - I really hope it's not a flake because she is really LTR material.

Lesson Learned for the night - "Don't rush in, warm up a little." I'm sure many of the experienced PUAs would strongly agree.