So yesterday I went on a solo mission at the biggest mall in my area. I has excited to test out the material I had picked up from The Game. I was armed with the jealous girlfriend opener, and a couple of different hooks to transition to. Before yesterday I had never seen myself as the type of guy to have aa. I've had a little bit of success after getting into David D's stuff. I had a long distance relationship that led to something physical. I got laid by a coworker and a another coworker is currently sending me naked pics from her cell phone.

But there was a moment yesterday when I realized none of my "success" came from cold approaches. I was always in a situation where the girl and I were in the same social circle or it would actually be awkward if I DIDN'T spark up a conversation. I was hit with a big reality check that I had been fooling myself into thinking that my approach game was in an entirely different place than it actually was. Out of the hundreds of women that I walked passed I DIDN'T SPEAK TO ANY OF THEM! As a matter of fact the only time I spoke to any women was when I walked into a store and was greeted by one or was asked if I needed help finding something.

That would have been a golden opp to start a conversation but the one who approached me that I was actually attracted to walked away while I was trying to turn her greeting into a conversation. I spent a long awkward car ride home feeling beat up and defeated and I only had myself to blame. I think of myself as good looking and don't consider myself to be socially awkward. I know my body language could use some work but I have good posture so it's not terrible. What I'm getting at here is, if you're new to the game, keep your expectations and your goals low until you are sure that you are ready and capable of more.

Sarging alone was really rough and I had nobody to push me or exchange techniques and tips with. Not that it's an excuse, it's just that I believe it might have helped. Yesterday stood as a huge motivator to really start getting this part of my life handled and to seek out a wingman. If you're in the Sawgrass Mills area and would like to sarge one of the most promissing and set-heavy spots in south Florida (for day game) reach out to me here or on facebook under Darnell Demusica. I learned the hard way, we need each other.