So I decided to hang out with this girl that I know is interested in me, but I didn't want to start that charade. She asked me to meet her at her house to take her to her grandmas, I agreed. I wanted to test what I've learned on here in a safer field.
I tried out the Push Pull method (being really silent and when she asked me something I replied sharply, then after a few moments complimented her and asked what was happening at her grandmas.
That worked surprisingly well, she smiled and touched my arm for me to hold her hand in the middle of her explenation, I didnt hold her hand)

When we get to her grandmas I decided to try a funny smartass approach, so anything she said I would use against her for a funny story I was building on her. And without any kind of provokation she just went in and kissed me! I kissed her back, obviously.

Well later we went to go pick up a mutual friend, she wanted to drive, so I let her. (Mutual friend happened to be female) as soon as she saw me in the car she lit up and walked around to give me a hug. I gave her a so so hug (maybe if I gave her a cold shoulder she would already try and grab my attention?) Well, we went back to the grandmas and the original subject (jeez) had to go inside for a little while. That gave time for me to talk to the other friend for a little while. I found the cold shoulder didn't work so well, so I sat far away but in her direction. I did this so that she would either have to speak up or come sit next to me (we had to be quiet so I assumed she would do the latter... wrong..) so I eventually broke and sat closer to her to hear, we started pointing out clouds and I moved a little closer, as did she (ioi?) She would giggle a little here and there, glance up at me every 15 or so seconds, and then her phone rings and its the other girl wanting us to come inside (totally broke any Tension there was) and then we spent the next 45 minutes after that sitting in a room talking to the original ones family. I said I had to go and the second girl asked if she could get a ride, I obliged and took her home, small talk as we went to her house. What do y'all think, points I could improve?