I posted last week about my successful first night using pua tactics. So this week I wanted to try again. Bad news is I was not in a great mood due to lack of sleep, but the results were still the same. After running some routines and watching them work I keep thinking in my mind "seriously?". So a few notes.

Having a wing who doesn't give a sht is great, especially on a night where ur tired. Girls seriously are impressed by the confidence to approach. I'm learning the openners are good because they give u confidence, but they're not necessary. While I talked to a lot of girls last night, thanks to my wing, I only opened one. I can't remember what I said but it came naturally and I ended up with a full close . Yes second night using some game....full close The rate yourself 1-10 routine is a nice go to when the convo dries up and a nice transition into flirting or seduction...example from last night
Me: youre a little hard to get a read from. Let me try something (introduce game)
HB8.5 (who incidentally just texted): hard to read huh? Ok.
Me: ok, but you have to be serious. No bs. Let's start with an easy one. Kissing, scale of 1-10
HB: hahaha easy one? Um from what I've been told I'd say 8.7
Me: (weird look)....what exactly causes a .3 point deduction from a 9?
Hb: hahaha I don't know! But I'm a good kisser. What about u?
Me: easily an 8.7
Hb: haha really?
Me move kind of close) yea really. Do you want to kiss me?
Hb: (stays close for a few seconds) wow you're good. Maybe after a few more questions

And after the the next question there was a moment and I took advantage of it. She was all over me after. I also did the stupid Greek gods ring thing again...she didn't break eye contact the entire time. I knew I was in after that.

I also ended up number closing a girl from a 6 set of all girls my wing opened. Body language books are great just for conversation if nothing else.

Quick question for the group: what's a good way to open two girls who seem very deep in a conversation with each other and have their backs to everyone else? I came across that a lot last night and wasn't up for the challenge of trying. Thanks for your thoughts. Cheers.