i started giving the cube personality quiz to a couple girls i know on facebook. it was surprisingly accurate, they all seemed really surprised when i could tell them seemingly unrelated facts about there lives just from a simple visualization exercise. then i decided to be bolder with one of them that i didn't know too well at all, i ran the strawberry fields test on her and at first she admitted to me she was very well in control of her sexuality (even though the test told me differently) and then i told her i liked a woman with a strong sex drive. she didn't say anything at first so i caved and said i was stepping back from the creepy shit and asked how the festival she was at is going.

she continued to talk to me (i was surprised!) and told me it was fine. and i bailed off to do something else before i made a bigger fool of myself. surprisingly she seems to be interested in me, after logging back on and noticing she messaged me back and messaged me again when i logged on asking what i was up to! we'll see where this takes me