Hey I just made my first post a while ago. Was being a bit of a former lurker. But, now I think I'm ready to start sharing my experiences and hopefully in the future getting some good feedback .

Anyways, I suppose you would call this my first pickup since every other girl i've been with has been a buddies friend etc... not just random strangers. I was at the beach with a bunch of my friends and there was this group of about 12 people chilling beside us. Turns out they're all on a program called explore and most of the ladies were from Quebec, which was great because I was in the same program only 2 years earlier so I could talk to them in french. I'm not sure why I felt so daring today but my buddies were like, wow, those girls are cute. I made a split second decision like i've been trying to make myself do, any longer and ill probably wuss out hah. So I'm like, 'yes, yes they are' and walked over and opened a 5 set. We started talking about explore and I managed to get everyones number as my friends started to walk over. I think this made me look pretty good, as there were at least 4 of them. We ended up taking some pictures and joking around. So now it's later in the night. I texted them to make plans at some cool touristy areas. We'll see how it goes. After I got their numbers my buddies continued to talk to them for a long time, way longer then they probably should have without setting up an insta-date. That's probably the one thing I regret. Not setting up an insta-date myself. There were plenty of easy things I could have done. O well, next time!