Two Set
Well alright. Asked them how they know each other. They’re best friends since they were little.
Shadow: “you’ve probably had a lot of sleep overs.”
Set: “That a real awkward”
Shadow: “Wow, you minds way in the gutter. Think I go now” And left. How would you guys have handled this?
Three set turned into a one set.
As I walk past the second bar area I open a three set with two blondes right at the bar and one behind them talking. We all briefly talk, then the two nearer to the bar turn around and it’s me and HB blonde talking to each other. She tells me that she doesn’t know who dating is easier for. So I ask her if there’s no one that she’s thought of or wanted to be with? She again says that she doesn’t know.
She’s already stroked her hair twice and is gradually turning her body toward mine. Two IOIs right there. One is moving into a full IOI.
I run the finger test and explain how it works. By this point her whole body is turned toward mine as I let her compare my fingers first. When It’s her turn we have a slight debate as to whether her ring finger is longer than her index finger. So I turn it into a neg saying
“Well if your going to think like that than you’ve got more testosterone so your more of a guy deep down.”
She responds with “No I’m not! lol” We are now completely facing each other.
Next, for practice I run A3 material. First question was what she would do with 2 million dollars, she doesn’t know. As I start to tell what I would do, suddenly she starts to think of things to put the money toward, qualifying her apparently. Family, charities, etc. During this, I step back and roll off so my body was back to 45 degrees, thinking back now it was an IOD for not initially knowing what to do with the money. I don’t know why but I run the five question game. When I go to check my phone and trick her on question 4, she cuts me off saying that she was talking to her friends and needs to get back to them, then turns away.
Three set
In the patio area there is a cute blondie a cute dark brunette and a hot medium brunette. Opening, the blonde instantly says that girls have it easier and gives her reasons. I high five her because I completely agree and spin her around. Next I briefly continue by further saying that most guys can’t tell the signs. Here the topic changes to how girls can be misleading. So I tell the girls that
“you’ve really gotta watch body language because just doing this (pretend to stroke my hair and bat my eyelashes, lol) isn’t going to help. Blondie is now more invested saying “good for you, you actually aware” or something like that. Adding in that girls can also be cruel, telling a quick story of my close lady friend turning a great guy down because he was only a little taller than her.
Dark brunette: “you should buy us a drink”
Shadow: “mmmaybe next time. Why don’t you ask for my ATM card while you’re at it” with a smile. They all laugh.
Up to now they all touch their hair from time to time but nothing major.
Because of blondie’s quick answer I thumb test her (giving a should I do this look). Her left thumb is over her right so I explain that she is more intuitive and artistic. Dark brunette chimes in saying that blondie is quiet the artist. Next I ask her if her nails are real (they are) and continue with “well, their nice anyway”. So now that she is intuitive I challenge her memory by bringing in the five question game. They all play and get pretty far. After the question I check my phone quickly and ask “shit what number are we on?” Medium brunette says 4 and is honest, therefore she loses and is now confused. The remaining two, respond an honest “no” to never playing this game before. So I point and smile in a “gotcha” way. Medium brunette tests me by saying that
“it’s not good to be looking for a lyer”
Shadow: “It’s not lying, it’s about having a good memory and keeping track of what’s going on.”
It doesn’t seem like there are enough IOIs or any vibes that they’re being more than friendly.
I tell dark brunette to put her beer down and she’ll see something interesting. She does so and we start the finger lock with a coin gambit. They ask if I perform magic and I respond simply by saying “you’ll see”. She just barely frees the coin (here I’m standing close to her ready to catch the coin with my arm around her back). As I start to explain how it didn’t work too well dark brunette starts a debate on how easy it was. Medium brunette asks how it works while this debate is going on. So I tell medium brunette, “since your interested in this I share with you”, turning toward her and explaining how the tendons and ligaments in the fingers are dependent. Next they ask:
“what do you wanna be when you grow up?”
Shadow: “a model for calvin klein”.
Medium brunette: “what do you really wanna do?”
Shadow: “your good you, I actually went to school for information system and graduated”
All: “very good for you”, Blondie “so you must be full of a lot of information”
Shadow: “enough”
Medium brunette: “Then how come you know so much about the body”
Shadow: “I’m passionate about martial arts and used to train years ago. A big part of that is knowing the body’s weak points and pressure points. What did you go to school for?”
Medium brunette: “Well I’m almost a doctor.” Talk briefly about starting to work in a hospital that I’ll be in for the family in a few weeks.
Next I start a discussion about Bodies The Exhibition. Medium brunette: “Why are you in information systems if your so into this”
Here we decide to move to a nearby table where I rest my arms on and lean against it crossing my legs.
Shadow: “Writing programs is like having an infection. Its always on your mind no matter what. The only way to stop thinking is finish the programs, like curing the infection is the only way to be free of it. I love seeing something that came from my mind being created and working right in front of me.”
There were other questions, don’t remember exactly what they were. But the response to each was “I’ll get to that as soon as I finish this explanation, don’t worry. (maintaining frame control) Then continue.
Moving into A3
I ask them if they had two billion dollars what they would do? This lead to the usual, bills, charity again, family. But this moves us into a topic of celebrities who made mistakes and still have to work to for a paycheck.
They have to use the bathroom so I go for a Number Close. They tell me that they’ll be at the venue all night. As they’re about to leave, blondie asks my name then I asks theirs (I only remember one now, lol).
I approach another two sets that didn’t go anywhere. Walking the dance floor to leave I see blondie, dark brunette and medium brunette dancing, so I join them and they instantly welcome me. Blondie offers me the extra beer she has to which I decline. I spin dark brunette twice then pull her in for a quick salsa move which didn’t work too well so I played it off by giving an, I just had to, smile.
A guy comes and trys talking to the set. Strangely I’m not even worried. Mainly because 1. He didn’t talk to me (the guy in the set) first. 2. Their laughing at him(been done to me before, they know what he’s doing, not that I’m an expert either) 3. He’s trying to talk on the dance floor. As he’s trying I go to #close blondie. She reverses it by having me give my number and she’ll save it (probly a mistake), making sure she has my name right (The guys instantly leaves). I kiss each goodbye and leave.