There I was, standing in line with my little cousing waiting to get a balloon. The BalloonLady was taking her time behind the table tying balloons for the little kids, and sitting next to her was this middle-aged (26~33) woman who just so happened to be the Facepaint Lady. A lot of the kids were wanting to get their face painted, but she apparently 'closed' shop an hour ago. Anywayy, I'm throwing out some Indirect Game (unconsciously because it's just how I roll) and I notice that she's looking at me and everytime I look at her she looks away and smiles. Well, I get to the front and the BalloonLady was like "What can I get for your son?" I told the lady that he was my cousin and they were shocked. I told the BalloonLady what my cousin wanted - the Facepaint lady put her two-cents in because the BalloonLady couldn't comprehend what I was telling her, nor could I comprehend what my cousin was telling me. Anyway, I was getting a few IOIs from Facepaint Lady (ie. eye-contact, breaking eye-contact and smiling, constantly fixing clothing and straightening the things in front of her[even when she's done working]). I thanked them for the balloon and went away with my cousin.

Before leaving the party, I went back to their table and asked BalloonLady to make me a balloon, specifically a yellow man. It was obvious she was playing around with me, but my target was FacepaintLady - so I just used this time for warm-up and NEGing my target when she'd butt in. Well, before "pulling away" I told Facepaint Lady that "you disappointed a lot of the little kids, they were really looking forward to getting their face painted especially my cousin." She took the bait, but so did BalloonLady. I quickly put myself at FacepaintLady's level (there was an empty seat right next to her). We talked a bit, but BalloonLady constantly butted in. She brought up the age difference after *I told her how old I was. I changed the subject to dhv. hook. BalloonLady was relating hard, but I could tell that FacepaintLady really wanted to say something so I turned all my attention to FacepaintLady (while BalloonLady was still talking) and FacepaintLady looked at my and said "my brother's in the airforce." REEL. I completely aired out BalloonLady when she paused, and connected with FacepaintLady, making some small talk. BalloonLady came around the table (probably jealous - trying to CB but I used it to release) and told me to check out her website on my phone. So I pulled out my phone blahblahblah and she told me to show FacepaintLady the website. RELEASE. I told her "NO, I don't want her looking at my phone!" REPEAT. blahblahblah I finally showed her my phone. BalloonLady walked away to get paid (THANK YOU!!!). HOOK. FacepaintLady said she gets scared easily. REEL. Connected, kino here, kino there, rapport. BalloonLady came back and FacepaintLady told her that I get scared easily too. RELEASE. I punish her with a tap and weird face and tell her that she's not supposed to tell ANYBODY that! blahblahblahBLAH OKAY. They're about to leave, but BalloonLady says FacepaintLady "Too bad he's too young for you." (WTF I WANTED TO SMACK @#$%^&) ME: "What are you talking about? You think I'm trying to pick somebody up or something?" FacepaintLady: "Yeah, kind of" SHE SAID IT WITH A SMILE!!!

well... I FAILED the sh1t test... but it was good warm up for those TWO FOREIGN JAPANESE FEMALES from the club later that night HAHA!!!!!!!!

*The age difference thing totally killed me. I've never been put in this situation before, but I'm glad I did early in the game. Next time I'll absurdity it and change the subject to something more interesting. If that continues to not work, I'll hit it harder. Feel free to elaborate on the age difference thing, or anything I could've done better at any point.