Last night I was with my wigman and other students of the game. There were not many girls in the boat, which make the game a little more interesting. There were a lot of competition. Competition makes you growth, instead of just sit at a corner as some guys did, I just began talking to every girl in the boat. I am not joking when I say that at the end of the cruise every girl new who I was. As Master PUAs know..that you don't chose the girls, rather the only thing thing you can do is display your alpha characteristics and let the bidding begin. I was there to display my 'tribal leader' skills; my mood was not linked to a women's approval. At the beginning, the HB10, were playing hard to get..I kept going anyway.At times I consider myself 'M1 Abrams' tank, since girls bad attitudes just bounce off me. When a girls tries to ignore me...I just talk louder, when girls reject me I just laugh and say "you don' go out much do you". Thus during the rest of the cruise I was talking to a couple of girls, I was collecting beads instead of giving them to the ladies. I was walking by, when one of the girls stop me and ask for my beads. I say...well I am not the type of guy that just giving thing to girls just like that. Tell me something about you that would make me want to give you my beads. She wasted no time qualifying herself to me, she even ended up telling me very personal things about herself. In the middle of the conversation, she said...lets just exchange beads, I gave her a read beads and he gave me blue ones. I could sense that she did that because she finally met a guy that she could respect. Later one I took her to other parts of the boat, were I was massing her, and she continue opening up to me. At the end of the conversation I Number Close her. Minutes later I brought her to her friends, but as I was about to talk to some of her friends, a Chinese girl was giving an invitation to approach, so I did. She was giving ioi's left and right. I took her hand I began to spin and dancer with her. My other girl, was watching my interaction with the Chinese girl. She pretended that she was not paying attention, but from time to time she kept picking at me and the girl. I knew that it will make her want me more, that is when experience come in to play. Any other guy will just play safe, at the end of the boat..she was looking for me to hug me and make plans to see each other. The Chinese girl was also was crazy about me and other Japanese female friends got jealous seeing me walking with girls in my arm. Guys and girls were amazed when I walked by with different girl every 30 minutes!