Alright fella players! Listen up!


This girl I used to hang around with back in the day, I mean baacckk in the day, I decided to text and see what's up. We've always been pretty cool and I have no problem hangin with her. She's real cool. Anyways, I never had any sort of attraction to her but recently she's lost a lot of weight and I decided hey maybe I could practice just a few dhv and pre-selection techniques on her.

Now, little to my knowledge we were gonna end up screwin' the forest next to a nearby elementary school, but let's talk about game.

I haven't talked to this girl in a realllyyy long time. I'm throwing this out here because it is a warm approach but it's more like the only thing warm about it is that I had her number. So I run some text game:

me - Hey what's up???
her- Hey!! Nothing much, just at work ! How are you?
me- Hahaha texting at work? No big deal! I'm good just haven't talked to you in ever decided to say hi

*pointless banter* I just wanted to show some of you guys out there that it is possible to have no game at all in a text message and still get the girl. This is very boring banter but what I'm looking for is sexual tension or some sort of IOI. She stopped replying after her break but then texted me that night (she had said she had to go but still texted me the same day)

*pointless banter about her phone number*
me- so what uppp (changing the direction of the convo, yes it still works in text and my lazy text with no punctuation shows that I was bored)
her- just heading in for a shower(IOI), planning on writing my two weeks notice letter tonight what about you?
me- Hahaha dang quitting? Don't let me keep you from your shower. (invitation to keep me in the conversation by trying to end the convo)
her- Yep, I can't handle working with women... especialy the power tripping kind, no worries I'll text you after(IOI)
me- ok no worries

her- So are you going to school or anything?
me- no I'm not
me- not right nowwwww

*blah blah*

her- I'll be focusing on baking this semester
me- baking? (all my texts are like this now forcing her to be of lower value, although I texted her I keep getting IOI's and clearly she keeps wanting to text)
her- Yes... Have you not seen my Facebook page?
me- Of course! I check it every day before bed!

(I'm not sure what you would call what she just did but I think I handled it really well, it was a sh1t test or something I definitely felt like she was trying to throw me off my comfort zone and gain control of the conversation ---> sh1t test)

her- Hhahaha seriously??? That's awesome!
me- No I don't....
me- What are you doing tonight wanna do something? (I had enough IOI's and DHV in there that I thought she'd be down to hang.)

*after some convincing I got her to finish whatever she had to do that night and come over..... then this*

her- hahaha it's just that I don't have a car and I'm not walking and I'm not asking you to pick me up....
me- hahaha I don't have my car right now, if I did I'd come pick you up (this was maybe one of the only nice things I said the whole time)
her- hahaha aww well thanks! Why are you being so nice? Are you hoping to get laid or something? ahahahaha

*fellas fellas fellas! if this EVER happens to you, you should know that it's on right there and then. She was interested and she hasn't even met up with me yet! She has the confidence to bring up sex as a topic on her own which means she's gunning for it no doubt in my mind. Now, it's also another one of those things to try and throw me off my game for sure here's what happened.*

me- Wow that's brutal.
me- Am I not usually a nice person? And if I am I do it to get laid?
her- I'm totally kidding
her- I just have a sick sense of humour

*I felt that was a pretty good kick in the mouth to her, beat that fellas!*

me- ..haaha well maybe that's what you need! But not me haha
me- On the prowl for sex obviously
her- Nah I already have a buddy (she lied to recover)
me- I didn't even know you did this stuff (yes I do) *disarmed and disqualified the lie*

her-Haha it's over now...(IOI) He's kind of a douche here and there and I can do way better I never thought I'd be one to do that either
me- Haha so you are on the prowl. Guess we can't hang then
her- Lol, that wasn't my intentions....

*so I'm no pro, but at this point I'm gonna say that I have demonstrated much higher value and she was eager to come over whilst still continuing to joke about sex and all that.*

She continued to text me about what we were gonna do blah blah more sex jokes and boom she's on her way.

When she finally got here we just chilled and caught up remember I have't seen this girl in ages. Now with the mindest that I'm past initial stages of attraction I started to comfort build and kino (kino'd right from the start hugging touching and piggy backing when we left the house to go walk)

It was super easy cuz she's really into her fitness right now and everytime she had a thought about it I was able to talk about it and answer her questions about it all. (more DHVs)

Anyway after all this kinoing and compliance testing (big one being the piggy backing when we left the house) I was continuing to do a lot of compliance tests. Now in my opinion compliance tests realllllly get a girl right into the palm of your hand when it comes to late game because she's already really comfortable with doing what you say. (keep in mind this is no easy girl she's a lacrosse player and she's really well grounded and won't hesitate to say fark off)

Simple compliance stuff works. 'No walk on this side I go on the right' 'Let's go for a walk' 'come sit over here' 'piggyback me' 'jump on me'

She didn't say no to anything the whole night. The WHOLE night.

So after all this we're hanging on the playground of an elementary school near my house (I'm awesome and do really childish stuff like this) chillin and this happens.

me- Man it's so cold out here now, so weird cuz it's so warm in the day I can't believe you're wearing shorts.
her- hahahaha that's funny it's not working.
me- ....what??

*This time she caught me off guard. She thought I was hitting on her and wanted to give her my hoodie or something and I didn't even think about that so she caught me but I recovered by placing the awkward 'are we gonna hook up stuff' back towards her.*

her- nevermind hahaha
me- umm oh you think I was gonna like put my arm around you or some sh1t?
her- her hahaha yeah but I was just kidding
me- what the fark you think I just do that? Sorry dude not the way it works with me.
her- oh I was just kidding hahaha
me- no you weren't you wish I put my arm around you
her- what? no... like I mean it doesn't matter hahaha
me- so you wanted me to...
her- well no... but yeah I don't care it doesn't matter I .... (blah blah this was really awkward for her so I won that)

me- yeah that's what I thought, here I didn't mean to make you awkward like that(neg) you can put your arm around me but that's the only way that would happen
her- what? I can't even do that unless I did it this way haha *shows me/touches*
me- see you did wanna do that
her- haha well It's not like I wanted to hook up or anything. Is that what you want?
me- I had no intention of doing anything like that.

*Now see how I turned those awkward situations around? Girls do farked up sh1t like that to see if guys really are hitting on them or if they really just don't give a fark. I guarantee if I failed any sh1t-tests I wouldn't have got compliance where I did or the lay overall*

Long awkward pause
me- alright be honest, you've been talking about sex and everything all night. Why? I don't need a fark buddy I can get sex whenever.
her- I'm just messing around
me- yeah? so if the opportunity to hook up with me came up would you be on top of that?
her- hahaha yeah (boom) you're like super hot.
me- yeah I know, I mean what can I say.

*banter about other sh1t for a bit, I lead her on to think I'm really not making a move*

her- *telling me story about something unimportant*
me- look, *place my hand on her* be honest do you wanna kiss me right now?
her- hahaha um.... yes.. I shouldn't.. but yeah I do

*kiss her, pull away and say "well there ya go, happy?'*

her-*giggling* haha yeah..
me- if you want more you'll have to come over here (guys this is where the struggle towards LMR comes in, if I don't play this right, how am I gonna get her into the farking forest and have sex with her??)
her- ok (compliance) *kisses*

*So at this point it starts escalating and she's grinding on me and stuff (yeah get that outta your head now you sick fark) and I pull away and look up towards the sky.*

her-look I don't want this going to far tonight ok?
me- dude, this wasn't even supposed to happen (girls love spontaneity) if it goes to far you tell me to stop and I will (this is a great line)
her- ok thanks *jumps on me again*
me- *I pull away* this is super uncomfortable (we're on a farking playground) wanna move to grass?
her- haha yeah.. might be wet though
me- *ignore*

*She follows me anyways, tells me she has to go to the bathroom, there's an outhouse by the forest we go there then go into the forest lay down start making out*

I can't remember which mPUA did this, but when a girl while you're in seduction starts saying over and over stuff like 'I'm not making promises' or 'I really don't want this going far' don't back off be persistent. She's farking wet and grinding on me of course she wants it balls deep! Everytime just say 'I'm not making you promise anything' and 'If it goes too far, just say stop and I will'

Boys, she never said stop that night. Why? I've been researching late game, and I put it to the test without being scared or hesitating and I got results. PUT YOURSELF IN THE FIELD AND PRACTISE!!

***As a final note I just wanna say this article is not about how well I gamed this girl but more that there are opportunities out there you just need to game properly. I really wanted to focus on those text IOI's and text DHVs, compliance testing through out the night, kino from the START of the interaction, and late game. If you can't close you ain't gettin' hoes.

**This happened last night.

* Please reply and PM me I would love to text/pm/reply to you guys and really get feedback and questions. I really want to open myself up to the community and really want to learn more and help others thank you. -S41nT