As an 18 almost 19 year old boy, I was sick of not getting laid. So at the beginning of the summer I set a goal to have sex with 5 different women, for I felt I was lacking experience. Well I think my fellow Pua Brothering would be pleased to hear I just reached my goal last weekend. I had sex with 5 different women. The first being a 24 year old women in need of a fuck buddy. We have had sex more times than I care to rememer, and was a skillfull teacher. I owe her much thanks. The other had been a girl who I would see hanging around my friends apartment. One night he had a party, and I had brought my ramancing to the car where I successfully seduced her. The next was the second girls friend, who before my seduction had hated me. Luckly my skills and charm convinced her to rethink her impression of me. The 4th was my ex (who I hate)'s cousin. A cute little red head (in which I met my second goal, to seduce a redhead) who just wanted to please me. Sweet girl. And the last and my crowning achivment out of them all, my former oneitis Kelcie. She and I had a run last summer in my AFC days. I would tell her I love her, she wouldn't put out, then she'd run along and be with other men behind my back. She left me asking whats wrong with me, but now after much note taking, reading, and field work, I finally acomplished a goal in which I thought Id grasp last summer, to successfully seduce her. The last seduction was the hardest to get, not that it took more skill, but that I became unfocused after achiving the last before her. I had rapid success up until Kelcie. I was begining to sych myself out there for a second, but I was able to follow through, and with the taste of glory, and the satisfaction of meeting a goal, I feel sky is the limit. I strongly recomend goal setting, as any successful person in any field would.