First off I'd like to say this is directly after she left, so I'd like to apoligize for any gramatical errrors bc i don't give a f right now.

Went to a bar out near where I live, and saw a girl with a nice peacocked hat.
I waved to her and asked her what it meant.she told me it was 50% off food there at the bar I was at when I wore it. we talked for a while and she decided to sit down with my group. I managed to make out with her after a while. We waited till the very last minutes to leave and went back to my place * I only convinced her since I had a new place, and I told her I was too drunk to drive my self home.

I got back to the place and she tried to give me a hug goodbye. Bullshit I said to myself. I asked her to give me a hug goodbye out of the car. when we both g0ot out, I directly started to walk back to my apt. I got her back into my place and made out with her as sooon as I walked in.(well ok, it was like when she saw my room)

clothes went flying but however, she was very risistant to eating out *that's a major turn on for me* so I tried my best to get it in. Honestly I had major whisky dick and couldn't keep it hard to save my life, unfortuneatly giving up after 30 minutes of flaccid pounding. So after about 20 minutes of making out.fingering, and what not we finished up and I walked her out to her car. End of night.

Besides getting the major whisky dick... it was a good night. Sad night, but good night.