Today was my first day out where I intentionally tried to pickup girls. Since I've gone through a very tough heartbreak, I didn't feel like doing much in the morning. I woke up, worked out, and took care of some things. Around 5 I went up to my local casino to work/socialize. As soon as I walked in, I tried to use the 3 second rule. I was trying to become aware of the game. I noticed a new cocktail server had started and I would try to at least approach her. She was in her 20's, tan skinned, long brown hair, with a beautiful booty. I posted in the forums about how to approach this girl and decided to simply walk up to her station, order a water, and ask her how her day was going. We made small talk for a few minutes until we parted ways (with no parting words by me unfortunately). I caught her looking at me throughout the rest of my poker playing night and every time I either played it cool or smiled back. I thought she was working the rest of the night so when my friends asked me to go to a local bar and shoot pool, I thought nothing of asking this girl to join. I didn't think she would get off work and there was no sense of ruining my good vibes by asking for a rejection. I go next door and while I'm there I start texting a random FB girl friend I met a long time ago and try to connect with her. I start with the simple "hey you " and she responds with "hey" I ask her whats shes doing but I get no response. While this is going on and I'm socializing with my friends, the new cocktail server shows up with a couple of people. I instantly make eye contact and wave and she waves back. My lady friend with me goes and talks to her about me and soon I'm playing pool with her over a beer. I tried to act cool and slowly started asking her questions but she was very hesitant. She was new to the casino and didn't know anybody. We played pool with her 21 year old guy friend and the whole time I felt I did a good job of being the alpha of the group. I continued to ask questions and slowly she started opening up to me. We had a music taste jukebox match which I used to better get connected. Soon she was laughing and we were having a good time.

I then got a call from the girl I texted earlier. She was drunk at a bar helping her friend get over guy problems. She sounded very upbeat and was interested in everything I said. I offered to show her around the casino when we both were available and she gladly except saying "It'll be a fun adventure." This was amazing to me. I've never had any luck with women but tonight I was having a blast and getting to know 2 at the same time. I soon hung up with the texter after agreeing to see each other later and get to know each other. I then sent a text and started playing a texting game with her.

Back at the bar, the other girl noticed I had departed and the push/pull effect was in. She started laughing more at my jokes, being more outgoing, and overall more into me. I started getting more personal with her but soon shut it down because we were out of time. I plan on seeing her next time I go up and at least try to get her number. As for the texter girl, I will try and keep out conversation going and eventually take her out with me to a fun night at the casino.

Big thanks to Achilies for helping me with all my posts I made tonight. He has been very helpful and a big part of why I had such a wonderful night.