So after walking around the entire building looking for my car, I decided to enter the brewery without my cellphone. Before walking up the steps there was this guy smoking outside that said "HEY WHAT'S UP MAN?! YOU LOOK HELLA HAPPY!" I did have a smile on my face, but it was because I walked around the entire building aimlessly looking for my car that I cracked myself up! Needless to say, I entered that building with an amazing aura ~ I could feel it!

Walked in and was immediately greeted by some people who I'm guessing worked there. I went to the counter and asked where I could buy them CHEAP TICKETS to the Wet Wonderland boat cruise. He pointed at the nearest table. There was a mixed set closest to me, but the lady was standing next to the chair ~ so I slipped it to the side and sat in it. She looked back and was totally shocked "YOU STOLE MY SEAT!" I pretty much just told her that nobody was sitting it, it was empty, and there was no name on it blahblahblah. I'm not sure what she said after that, but my focus turned to the Blonde sitting in the chair next to me. I think I opened by asking her about the Wet Wonderland tickets and we made some small talk. On the left of me was Transylvanian who was actually selling the tickets. I noticed that people were coming in and lining up to talk to her about the tickets, so I made myself exclusive. I greeted everyone that came by, talked to them about the event, and encouraged them to buy not just one, not two, but five tickets ~ they loved my enthusiasm and so did the Blonde and Transylvanian. I pretty much injected myself into their crew. Then the event Organizer came in and she seemed a little pushy, so I NEGed her while talking to Blonde but I think Organizer was too much into the event to notice me. Blonde finally asked me my name and we connected. She said I'd be an excellent addition to their team and started to sign me up for their group. I had her put in all my information, push/pull, but at the same time helping Transylvanian sell them tickets. I noticed she had an accent so I opened her with some Spanish ~ positive response, maybe a bit too positive but it developed into a pretty cool conversation. I met a few other people, and they immediately fell in love with me.

I was hype. It seemed so easy to get people to come to me since they thought I was a part of the group organizing the event, which I WAS helping them sell tickets! Before leaving their table, I tell Blonde "I'LL BE RIGHT BACK. YOU CAN LET ANYBODY SIT IN THIS SEAT EXCEPT Organizer" She giggled. I walked to the lady that I "stole the chair from" (She was talking to some dude) and I tapped her on the shoulder and said "HEY I'LL BE RIGHT BACK, BUT YOU CAN GO OVER THERE AND KEEP MY SEAT WARM, BUT ONLY FOR 5MINUTES." She laughed and the guy was totally stoked with her response to me.

After vigorously washing my hands, I go back to Blonde's table and we start talking again. Some photographer lady wants to take our pic so we get ready for the shot. I look back and see a 2set just talking story at the bar ~ so I wave them down and say "GET OVER HERE, LET'S TAKE A PIC" They're shocked, but flattered I guess so they mozy on over and I say to them "WE'RE PRETTY IMPORTANT, JUST SAYING!" and they laugh. We do the introductions and the photographer lady is trying to get us to take the pic. Blonde whispers in my ear something about me wanting to look like THE MAN ~ c'mon now....I WAS the man. Anyway, we take the pic. I move to another table and Transylvanian and I start talking ~ then from behind comes Challenge. She steals my conversation with Transylanian ~ I make sure she knows it. After they're done talking, Challenge comes up to me and apologizes for interrupting. I say it's no big deal and we exchange names ~ she didn't believe that my name was MY NAME, so she throws a bunch of S***TESTS at me, which I demolish btw, and she finally walks away saying I'LL TELL YOU MY REAL NAME WHEN YOU TELL ME YOURS (she kept calling me something weird). Anyway, as she's walking away I say SAIYONARA!(goodbye in japanese). She sits at the table next to mine, looks at me with a glare, and says I'M NOT JAPANESE..... I knew it

I totally ignore her and start talking to Transylvanian again, but I told myself the day before "ALWAYS look for the CHALLENGE! PERSIST! ATTACK THE CHALLENGES!" So I go to their table and open Challenge's friend, and she introduces me to another woman at their table. We're all talking ~ completely ignoring Challenge. Then, the waitress comes to the table and drops off a TURKEY DRUMSTICK for Challenge ~ She's SO stoked out about it that she interrupts my convo with her friends (Purple and Silence). She goes to put the drumstick next to her mouth like she was going to swallow the entire thing ~ the waitress that dropped it off gets wide-eyed, we make eye-contact, and I give her a high-five and we both laugh! I continue to neg Challenge on how much food she had on the table already. Then Purple tells me that Challenge’s boyfriend is standing behind her ~ didn't phase me, but I have my dignity when it comes to relationships. He sits at the table and notices that I'm the 'life of the party' so he introduces himself to me and I tell him my name. Challenge looks at me wide-eyed and says "THAT'S REALLY YOUR NAME???" She looks at her boyfriend and tells him that she's been making fun of what she thought WASN'T my name, and he apologizes to me about it ~ I just say that she's been that way to me ALL NIGHT. She looks at me wide-eyed again and was like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ALL NIGHT? I JUST GOT HERE 15MINUTES AGO!" I beat the s***test and immediately turn my attention to her boyfriend. He's really cool and start connecting right off the bat. I think Challenge felt bad and uncomfortable that she wasn't getting much attention, especially after her boyfriend got up to talk to somebody else. I tried to make some small talk with her, but she had her B-shield up ~ so instead of diffusing it I just left her there while Purple and Silence held their own conversation.

A woman, in a mixed-set, with a FunnyCuteLaugh was trying to get my attention, so I went to go sit next to her and we talked for a bit. I could tell she was interested because SHE asked ME a bunch of questions. We talked story for a bit then Blonde came and joined us. More talking, and Blonde left the table and Transylvanian joined us. Just as I was getting bored, I looked back and saw that Challenge was standing up talking to a group of people ~ so I went and sat in her chair with Purple and Silence. Silence was teaching Purple some phrases in another language, so I joined their class. After a while Challenge came back, saw me in her seat, and went to sit in the chair that her boyfriend was sitting in earlier. She pecked into our little class and tried to display some interest, but something or someone came by and she left the table soon after.

Then SHE caught my eye ~ let's call her Pearl HB9. She was dancing, alone, to the music, holding a glass of beer. We made eye-contact a few times but she wasn't within range yet... so I waited... and waited... until I saw an opening. She fiddled with her phone and put it back in her purse. I said "HEY YOU, WHERE'D YOU GET THAT TINY LITTLE PURSE FROM?" She responded, moved to my table, and stood on the other side of it. We made small talk and I was about to invite her to sit down ~ a few of my buddies come by and let me know that they’re leaving. My attention turns to them, but before losing Pearl, I introduce my buddies to her by saying “HEY I WANT YOU GUYS TO MEET [name I made up for her]“ They start talking and she gives them her real name, but they had to leave, and so they did ~ and Pearl went to go stand by the bar. I decided it was time to call it a night, so I said goodnight to Purple... Silence...FunnyCuteL augh...Transylvanian ...and Blonde. I walked straight up to Pearl and put my arm around her and said "So what's up [name I made up for her]"
HER: That's not my name.
ME: I know, [real name], you never asked me for my name so I never gave it to you.
HER: So is this where I ask you for your name?
ME: Sure. I don't really care.
HER: ....So what IS your name?
ME: OOOHHHH *i turn her so that we're both facing the bar, take my arm off her, and break eye-contact for a few seconds*
ME: My name is [Smooth]
We have a few conversations about MY NAME, where she's from, her personality, color of her eyes, WHY HER PUPILS WERE DIALATED SO MUCH THAT I COULD HARDLY SEE THE COLOR OF HER EYES, with a bunch of s***tests that I think I barely passed. Anyway, the bar was closing so I suggest that we leave. As we're walking out, Challenge's boyfriend holds the door open for me and we both say goodbye, while Blonde is holding the door open for Pearl. I grab the door from Blonde and say "YOU SHOULDN'T BE HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN, THAT'S MY JOB" She laughs and as we're walking down the stairs she whispers to me "She's beautiful..." and something about me being a playboy. I get to bottom of the stairs and tell Pearl "SHE SAID YOU'RE HOT!"
Pearl: WHAT??
Me: Yeah totally! She said that. *grabs Blonde's attention* Tell her what you told me about her!
Blonde: What? Oh... YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!
They start talking about....... I don't know because the valet guy was asking me for my ticket so I gave it to him. I turned to Pearl and she told Blonde that she parked across the street. Her friends walked by and told her to join them at some bar. I told her she should come to this other bar with me since I'm heading there. Then some guy out of the blue comes talking to us about how he gave his ticket to some guy and he can't find his car. Well, my car rolls up and I say to the guy "HEY IS THAT YOUR CAR?" He looks and says NO. I say "OH IT'S MY CAR THEN" and I tangle arms with Pearl and tell her "C'mon I'll drop you off at your car."
Pearl: You're going to drive me to my truck RIGHT across the street when I can just walk there?
Me: Well, I'd walk you there but my car's right here. Don't worry about it, trust me.
Pearl: OMG I'm getting into the car with a stranger.
Me: We're not strangers. You know my name, I know you're name, Pearl *we're walking around the car*
Pearl: Smooth. blahblahblah something about this being shady *I open the door for her and she gets in*
Me: Yeah totally, I'm a serial- *I stopped myself, hopefully building up the suspense as I close the door for her*
SO we're in the car now and I start telling her things about herself that I picked up on during our previous conversation ~ it helped to make her feel a lot more comfortable. She's pretty impressed and starts asking me about myself. Rapportrapportrappor t.

So she points out her truck, and I pull up in front of it. I start reversing and ask her how she'd feel if I reversed into her ride ~ she said she'd feel more bad about my car than her truck. As I park the car, we make some small talk and I throw it out there in the middle of our talk:
ME: Do you want to kiss me?
Pearl: That’s...not what I was thinking, blahblahblah *she didn't say no*
ME: Whoah whoah, well you just looked like you had something on your mind.
Pearl: blahblahblah *she didn't say no ~ AND her upper body is pretty much turned and leaned in toward me*
ME: Okay, well I'm going to get out and open your door, okay? *i start making my way out*
Pearl: OK *smiles*
So I open her door, take her hand, and help her up. I close the car door, turn to her and look her in her eyes. I put my hand on her hip and say "So, about that kiss..." lean in and BAM! kinokinokino, dramatic pauses, and very little talking. I swear we're there making out for 30minutes as cars whiz by, a group of people walk by (she says they said something but i didn't hear, so I tell her I was distracted and I didn't really care what they said). I just keep moving her hands around my body ~ head, shoulders, hips. As the fire burns, I JUST HAD TO OPEN MY MOUTH!
ME: *pull back a bit* WOW... *we both laugh*
Pearl: what??
ME: No...*kisskisskinoki no*
ME: *pull back a bit again* WOW... *we both laugh again*
Pearl: WHAT??
ME: No.. it's just that you have a beautiful personality, and now that I see you up close I see that you're beautiful on the outside TOO!
Pearl: *laugh* So you're saying that you talked to me not because of how I looked?
ME: Yeah.
Pearl: But you talk to somebody first because of how they look and what you see. (something like that)
ME: Well... when I first saw you, I saw a girl... dancing, alone, but she was having fun and she looked like a happy person.
Pearl: *LOL* I was dancing?? I was dancing wasn't I? Alone... OMG *more laughing*

I built that ATTRACTION even deeper, so I thought it'd be a pretty good idea to OPEN MY DAMN MOUTH~

ME: So this night's gonna go two ways...*kisskisskino kinokino*
ME: I get your number *kiss* you get mine *kiss* we make out a little more *kiss* and we both go our separate ways *kisskinokino* OR....*continue making out for ~20seconds waiting for her to give me those puppyeyes or ask me ORWHAT???*
ME: Do I really have to explain? *kiss*
Pearl: Not happening *for some reason I didn't catch what she said... probably because her mouth was saying one thing but her body was saying ANOTHER*
ME: I wasn't asking *smilekisskisskisski no*
ME: It'd be pretty passionate. *she laughed*
Pearl: You like to move fast, but I move slow *kisskisskisskinokin o*
ME: Oh you like it slow? I can give it to you slow too *she laughed kisskisskino*
Pearl: You're pretty persistent
ME: Well, I like to attack the challenges *kisskisskinokino* *then I amp up it up and start making her want it ~ I can tell because her grip on me tightens and her legs shake a bit*
Pearl: Well, you get Option 1
ME: Well, that's too bad. I'll walk you to your truck.
So I walk her to her truck, open the door, and kiss her passionately before walking away.

Later that night... I text her
ME: Option 2 was tempting... but thanks anyway for the offer~
HER: [blank text]
ME: Yeah totally
HER: You still have some local in you...whatevers.

I have no idea what she meant LOL