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Thread: New game abroad

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    Default New game abroad

    New to the PU world and unknowingly started using some of it while I was on my R&R in Aussie from Afghan. I used to be the shy guy who waited for girls to approach him and usaly make all the moves which I can no say no more.
    One of the nights out I ended up taking a solid HB9 back to my room had a solid k-close and got burned on the f-close and had to pass a lot of roadblocks to do so though yall might enjoy hearing. Me and a couple buds are staying at a hostel (not just a cheap room but a great place to meet girls I found out) and signed up for a pub crawl our first night in the new town. Start of the night a lot of us are hanging down stairs I start a drinking game, some stupid one from my college days where you bang the table I always thought was retarded and start introducing people that I myslef haven't even met yet(totally out of how I used to interact) I guess this was demonstrating my Alpha. This is when the subject HB9 walks in with suspected BF, I made a small intro to them and went back to my game and unknowingly put them in the corner out of the action. My buddies however saw moved in and made friends with the couple. I put in some good work with some other sets from our pub crawl throughout the night, the whole time my buds where sitting back with that same couple. At the 2nd to last spot I number closed with a HB7 because she was wanting to go home and I still had rush on my new found knowledge and wanted to keep going. We all get to the last bar around 2am and our group has thinned out I end up hanging with my friends and the couple who grabbed a table. I re-introduced myself and too a spot next to the girl. I remembered to turn away and faced the crowd turning to my side to talk to her. I ended up asking her how traveling with her BF has been when she tells me hes not her BF and my friends following her made more sense. I tried for the first time the guess your number bit I read in The Game to start kino, got the number wrong and she thought it was funny when I told her I guess I should stick to my real job. From there I asked her to dance which she said no to so I got up and made my way to the dance floor and started dancing next to a group of girls, next thing I know her and her BF are on the floor and shes keeps moving between me and the group of girls until we end up dancing. I try escalating and involving more touch in our dance (not booty dancing) and she shuts down and goes back to the table, I wait till the next song to leave. I feel like I am starting from square one but I really want to close this HB so I go back to the interaction with other girls which seems to work, and me talking to a 3 set at the next table works, my friend comes over says HB9 wants to see if your new friends (3 set)will take a pic of all us, HB9 trys getting next to me but I throw her guy friend between us and throw my arm around him like we are old pals(which through my buds I found out he really likes HB9 and dosent like the attention I have been giving her). she ends up requesting a pic with just me and puts her arms around me like we were posing for a prom pic and holds for a bit after. We end up small talking for a good bit during which our group thins out to the point of me, HB9, and "the friend" who is giving me the stink eye bad and HB9 sees as well and is not happy with it. So I go to the bar to grab a few beers leaving them alone; upon my return the friend shakes my hand says congrats and leaves. The HB9 grabs my hand and takes me out to the dance floor (leaving our 3 8$beers I just bought behind, and I am just remembering you are never supposed to buy the girl a drink, old habbits) Once again during the dance I try to get close and get denied some other guy comes trying to cut in and shes excepting. A little demoralized I heard Alpha in the back of my head and get the idea to start dancing with them and put the guy between the both of us, he gets creeped/over/whatever and leaves, right after I tell the HB9 I am leaving as I turn to go she grabs my hand to follow. during our walk home I can tell shes cold so I take my long sleeve off and wrap it around her she pretty much pushes me away in refusal. Now she has her arms crossed and is walking with a pout. I stupidly tried to put my arm around her and once again get denied. At this point Im over it and chalk the night up for a loss, but we get to our hostel and she says I want to come see your room she grabed my hand and followed me up the stairs upon opening the door and walking her in I pulled her in for a Kclose which she returned and moved to the couch... details ....heating up ..details... escalation...Im pumped thinking Im going to Fark no shat images of fireworks/giesers/eagles all that other BS flash through my head, being in the desert for 7 months really farks with your head I guess, she stops and says she needs to go to her room real quick and tell her friend(a girl that didnt come out) she was home safe and would be right back. as I am sitting riding high on the hog thinking to myself this is the new me, it hits me she had a cell WTF, I wait 10 more minutes hoping maybe she just had to brush her teeth take a big dump until I realize its not gonna happen, and scratch it up for a good run.

    I know this was a bit long but hope you enjoyed feel free to critique my new game.

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    Default Re: New game abroad

    You did a lot of things right!
    -Rewarding her IOIs
    -Punishing her negative behaviour with IODs
    -Playing the Jealousy Plotline with the 3 set
    -Being the Alpha Male when the other guy tried to steal your girl

    If she denied you when you wanted to offer her your jacket you should have negged her with a "Alright, freeze then, you're missing out :P"

    Also from what it sounds like she got buyers remorse because you didn't spend enough time in Comfort building and went straight into seduction when you brought her back to your room

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