Last night I was at a club in NYC, I got there early to have a chance to game girls, before the music got to lough that I could talk to them. I began to talk to girls.I had some of my guy friends with me. Then the loud music began I asked some girls to dance, some of the girls I had talk to them early. So I was dancing, and showing my moves, it is now a natural occurrence for me to open the floor! Guys were looking a me as I was 'dirty dancing' with with girls. Other girls were giving me the puppy eyes look, and talk with their friends while repetitively look at me! At the end I had a women against the wall...grinding on her...while I was kissing her passionately. The other girls, that had dance with me were jealous. They were complaining...while another stay there dancing..trying to get my attention. So yeah the jealousy plot works like a charm! Here is a small video clip I uploaded on youtube.
Partying at the culture club - YouTube