OK so just a little background info for the crowd. I just turned 21 and I was dating my my best friend for a year. For my birthday, this special girl I was seeing was loving enough to give me an ultimatum to stop getting fucked up or its over, when I didn't agree she broke up with me, and I found her the next day so twisted and hooking up with a guy she just met.

With in a few days I had a number of her girlfriends asking around for my number. Thursday night I went to go meet up with two of them. Once we met up, I brought a 6 pack and a bottle of jack to their house (leaving the liquor in my car). I gave them each a beer and told them we were going to celebrate my new job. After chatting it up and listening to their boyfriend issues and giving them some insight as to why their boyfriends do the shit they do (BF Destroyer method), I suggested we get the bottle from my car to totally get wasted, which they both agreed was a great idea.

After several shots and them asking me to take pictures of them making out, I laid down lifted my shirt and told them to start taking body shots. Next thing I know these girls (who are my ex's good friends) are taking shots and lines off my abs and licking off anything that spilled or was left over. After about another hour of this, every time one of them would go to the bathroom, the one that stayed in the room would try and hook up with me. I shot both of them down a few times and each time gave them a reason why it wasn't a good idea.

By about 4AM I told the girls that they're both beautiful and that I'd love to spend the night with them but I need to get going and sober up before work the following afternoon. One of the girls told me she wanted me to stay and sober up in the bed with them. So I went in bed with them and next thing I was having a three sum.

Talk about evening the score huh?

Just to clarify, there wasn't as much game put into this as I wish I had used. Hope you enjoyed the story