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    Default Inspiration for Newbies

    What's up guys,

    Sorry I've been outta the forums for a couple of days...I've been trying to get my life together (movin into College and dealing with some confidence issues) but I wanted to write a quick report of my past 2 nights.

    Night 1:

    Went out to a local bar (in my hometown) and opened up 3 sets and ended up meeting some real cool I was working my game and routines on them I gave a FTC and went off to see my buddies. About 5 minutes of standing at the balcony a big muscular guy comes up to me and tells me that I'm in a private party for a Pro NFL player...Yep, you heard me correct (my town has a few famous athletes that went to my HS)... I ended up making small chit chat w/ him and the NFL Player's wife (for the sake of privacy I won't use any names) comes up to me and asks about my outfit...I sarged her (sort of because I didn't want to get the sh!t kicked outta me by an NFL player) AND GOT HER FARKING NUMBER...I swear to god I felt like Style after he just got Britney Spears' number! hahah

    Anyways, I returned back to the cute 2 set and invited them back for drinks back at my place (my parents weren't home so it worked out perfectly) and I ended up K-closing my target and don't see any issue F-closing when I meet up w/ her again.

    Night 2:

    First night back at college. Saw all great people that I wanted to see and had missed over the summer. dhv'd myself as best as I could and I was totally Alpha. A girl who I'd been wanting to get w/ for about 1.5 yrs, HB7, came back to my place after the bars and I f-closed.

    I just wanted to write this up quick and HOPEFULLY inspire some newbies that hard work and FORCING yourself to open sets and meet new people will work wonders in your game and your life in general.

    GOOD LUCK and stick with it.
    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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    Default Re: Inspiration for Newbies

    Nice job! and how can you have confidence issues after that?

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