So this weekend I hit the sarge hard. Tried doing the 10 opener challenge both nights. Think I did well. I started out talking to a mixed set from Australia . I noticed girls looking at me all around the room which made it easy for me to gave me confidence. It helped my inner game a ton, an area I've struggled with for ever. At one point in the night I had groups of girls coming to talk to me, from everything to younger girls to the cougars, groups to single ladies! Maybe once in a while that would happen in the past. I could hardly believe it!

As I was just working on opening I wasn't to concerned with getting numbers, really just wanted to work on opening and keeping conversation. Both nights I had talked to more girls than in a long time.

I did get a Number Close in the end. It was pretty early on in the second night. She was the 2nd or 3rd girl I had opened. I saw her looking at me every once in awhile while talking to the Australian gal. She was a solid 8-8.5. Looked like a girl I had hooked up with in the past Tanya... (side story, when I hooked up with Tanya she had just had her boobs done. First one to take them for a joy ride... Still enjoy that story )

So I see the 8 looking at me. She is at the bar with a friend and there is a guy struggling to talk to them, more so the friend, who wasn't as hot. The 8 was turned away, and kept getting on her phone, eyeing me and displaying " get away from me" body language. I was on the other side of the guy. I walked around and excused myself for walking between their conversation, and stopped at the bar between him and the 8. Legitimately thought this girl was tanya, so I asked her...

" what's your name?" Not real original I guess and she gave me a look of

" why should I tell you, you have to try harder".

I continued...

" I don't mean to be a creeper. Is it Tanya? You look identical to a girl I dated named Tanya a few years back"

" no it's Elena, what's yours? Do you know if she was Russian?"

"Are you Russian?"

"yes bla bla bla"

I called her a Ruskie and loudly said "WOLVERINES!!!" then continued on with my name...

My name is JJ. One thing I noticed was if I started off well, they almost never believe me, and always ask for more, and start guessing what it stands for. Easy way to keep them interested in me. I tell a story how all the first born men on my dads side of he family all have the same name,John Joseph, so those are already taken. But continue the story...that all the men on my moms side of the family are also named John Joseph...true story.

Now she was interested in me. Asked what I did for work and went the ass model route, I'm often told I have a nice ass...and this was no different.

She didn't believe me, asked what I really did. I asked why I couldn't be an ass model. She leaned back to take a look and responded

" ok, I guess you could be. But in that case I'm a boob model".

I responded with "better than a hand model I guess". Then I smirked she knew I was thinking something so she asked what.

" Now I remember Tanya! Yea, you're not Tanya" jokingly, playfully and with a wink.

Now I ran into my first hiccup with her. She asked my age. I made her guess. Most people always guess I'm older than I am, usually 28-30...I'm 24. She challenged me stating that was a deal breaker

"you're too young for me"

" how old are you then?" I asked, she replied 27.

I gave her a concerned look...

"yea, this isn't going to work, I don't usually date that young" I've always been with older women, my last GF, an amazing girl, 28 and a doctor. I didn't tell her this. I brought my buddy over.

" you remember Jenna? Tell this girl about Jenna" and he proceeded to tell her What I just said, 28/doctor" I looked at her and said

"I'm comfortable with talking to older women like you. I volunteer at nursing homes all the time!"I did a take away shortly after

" well when you mature enough to get over a numbers game, we can try talking then" winked and walked away.

Not too long afterwards I was in another 2 set, sitting down with them both turned into me. Elena walked by...

" it was good seeing you again Tanya, have a good night!". She came over and bla bla bla, asked if I come out SF often, and said next time to call her and put her number in my phone.

Then off I went sarging the rest of the place.
Good times, and excellent practice! Can't wait to go out again.

Sorry if it was too long, this is my first. And sorry for typos...I'm on my iPad and short chubby fingers