Hi there

I am a 23 yo broke musician with no family and a broken heart. Yes I have a hard case beatricide. I've too been some sort of an alcoholic for a year straight. Been drunk 6/7 days for a yr.

My friends have all hooked up each over 100 women, but I've been struggling. I guess it's because of my farked up childhood that I've always been too, too, too hard on myself.

I live in Copenhagen Denmark.

Decided to move away from my step dad's place, because living with him is extremely depressing. Only TV and beer in his one room apartment.

Yesterday I packed all of my possesions in a bag and took the train 1 hour to central CPH with 100$ in my pocket.

I will stay on the streets until have a dating- and sexlife that satisfies me. Yesterday I crashed at my friends place - we went to the club and I got a date with a cute indian girl for tomorrow. That's a start.

I still struggle when I'm trying to daygame. Fear of approaching. It's probably the biggest barrier I have to push through and my (maybe the only) issue.

Now it's time for action.