Tonight was my second night of sarging and I met co-worker and some of her friends at a bar. Her friends (3 of them) were HB7's except the 3rd one who was a HB10. I introduced myself to her friends and it went alright, just small talk basically because I was really only interested in the 10(of course lol). I opened by asking her where she went to school and she said she was majoring in art. She had tattoos on her shoulder so I said "Your tattoos are beautiful, what are they of?" she answered and was semi-interested. Afterwards that conversation kind of died because I felt she was losing interest and didn't care to tell me anymore about herself and she turned and started talking to some guy across the bar that was more attractive than me(of course lol).
My other friend texted me to come to another bar and I agreed to because I felt like I had failed where I was and wanted another chance. I showed up and there were a couple good sets for a beginner like me. The first went extremely well mainly because I felt as tho I was doing her a favor by talking to her (she was a 7). She told me all about her life and was giving me tons of IOI's but I decided to ditch that because I felt as though I'd already won so I lost interest. The second was actually fun because I felt challenged yet not overwhelmed. She was an 8 and I opened with "Let me ask you a question, How many of these guys have tried to get in your pants tonight?" My attack plan was to use the other guys that had tried and failed with her and use that as a dhv for myself by pointing out their flaws. It worked decently well, I think my body language was all wrong because I was just excited she was talking to me haha! She ended up buying me a drink and we talked for about 20 minutes and although I think she was interested, I dont think I escalated enough for anything to happen later on like taking her home or a kiss close.

Thanks for reading and I'd love some feedback/critique/input!!!