OK so last night I went out with a few of my buddies, we walked into some older friends of mine and I quickly got into a conversation with this woman there. She was telling me she is in school for massage therapy, she asked me a little about myself. It seemed like there was a decent amount of flirting, she was touching my arms and when my friends said they wanted to keep moving I asked to exchange numbers. She told me she is old enough to be my mother (which was hard to believe because she is in good shape but I'm sure she can teach me a few things) and that she had a couple of young kids, but she is single. We exchanged numbers and I told her I'd hope to see her again.

There are definitely a few changes I would make if I could to ensure she would want to see me again, but, anyway I figured I would call her after the weekend was over but I'm not completely sure how to play this one, any suggestions?