Title inspired by Bandit.

Big thanks to everybody on the forum who's been posting with me lately - got my first f-close at my dorm last night.

I texted this HB7 black girl asking if she's going to this one party - she says no - I say I might (bluff), or might go elswhere (bluff), or might stay in for the night and do laundry (truth). She invites herself over.

C3 Initial Tension at the door during that moment when she's about to go into a guys' room - broken with "hey help me hang this poster straight!" as I turn the key.

"Let's watch a movie" - I ironically offer the Superman Quadrillogy, then Bruce Lee's Fists of Fury. I put in "V For Vendetta" - subtle sensuality to it as well as an anti-rules-of-society. This movie works.

I've been doing ebb and flow to gain proximity while I comment/make drinks during the movie. After the movie I tell her she's cool, but too much of a "nice girl for me" teasing that she's probably never kissed a guy - she protests.

* I run Kino Suave's 5 Kisses Gambit - props to Kino! We start making out and I throw in a few arousal tricks I read in a Vin Dicarlo article. Then she stops and is like "I'm gross, I need to take a shower!" so we take a shower

Taking our clothes off I get the "Why do you like me" LMR luckily I'm able to cold read / rattle off a few socio-demographic tendencies to pass her test. Making out in bed she hits me with the "I don't know you that well" LMR.

* Stroke of inspiration - I tell her my life story, pausing every sentence or two to kiss her. Lowering her shields while raising her threshold.

We fool around a bit, then fall asleep. The most and best of the deeds that night happened the next morning.