OMG university. Pua heaven ^^. It was my first day today and I mostly concerned myself with meeting new people instead of trying to get numbers or kiss closes or anything like that. It was the first day after all, anyways...

I think I read that someone wrote it would be much better to just establish social proof. I decided that was pretty good advice so I just met every single person I could.

We had this sort of group meeting in the morning and I just met like 4 guys and got them to sit around me. Which was pretty sick, cause it gave me super huge social proof even if there wasn't any girls in the room, like 3 haha... below HB5. Computer science... :/...

I continued to meet people all day. I think at the end of the day I met about 50 people. Probably going to forget half their names by tomorrow.

My next big moment was during our lunch break when a buddy of mine I don't hang out with much was chilling with his friends. I decided I would treat it as practice. They were about an HB5 and an HB6. I kept their focus and attention for the most part and demonstrated an alpha role for the most part. There was only 1 point where they were starting to drift so I decided to try and tell a dhv story. Unfortunately it wasn't the ones I had thought up earlier so I wouldn't say it demonstrated very much DHV at all.

It was about how my friend had gotten into the attraction phase by accident haha... he's pretty AFC. It had them laughing and smiling a lot and I think it suggested that I knew what I was doing picking up ladies. After the story I decided to leave as that was definitely going to be the high point of the conversation.

Last section: At the end of the day (my buddy and I are car pooling) I phoned him to tell him to meet me at the car but my phone died. BUT due to meeting so many people, whoever said that has lots of thanks, was standing by and waved to me. So I asked him for his phone to make a quick call. Unfortunately he was standing beside an HB8.5 and an HB9. Why is that unfortunate? I was in a rush so I didn't even have time to introduce myself. Does asking to use somebodies phone count as a dlv? I think I was pretty alpha when i came up to him but I'm slightly worried that I look equal in status to him.

My last 2 encounters happened back to back when I was chilling with a buddy. We were just having a normal conversation and then a girl I knew from highschool showed up. She barely talked to me in highschool but she was super excited and talked to us for like 5 minutes before I hinted for her to go. She was with a friend that didn't like me very much so I thought it was pretty amusing.

Right after this, not even like 30 seconds later a girl from my group walked by and I asked her where we were meeting. It turned into a pretty descent conversation but I think I negged her too hard haha. I said she was rude or something along those lings. My minds kind of fuzzy a lot of things happened today. She replied, basically, you're rude for saying im rude. Reminds me of the scene from Ted where he's like 'you just restructured the joke I said...'. I laughed it off and continued the conversation. She mentioned something about a friend later so I asked her if she was the good or bad friend. She said she was the good friend but I said I wasn't so sure. She then said I was being rude again but I said I was only telling it as I see it. I think I messed up this set. Btw, this girl is totally not a goodie twoshoe, i overheard her talking to a guy she knew when we first started in the morning . Definitely not an innocent girl story.

Alright, that's my huge field report. If anyone reads it I'd like some feedback on the last paragraph mostly. I'm not really interested in fixing it (only like HB7) but feedback for next time would be awesome .

Pretty pumped for tomorrow at uni!! wtf eh?