Hey guys, I've been studying the game for weeks now and I have been solo sarging quite well, got a few numbers here and there while approaching about 7 sets on average each time. I'm still learning and my progress has been slightly hindered by small factors such as the fact the girls around here generally look for AMOGs and barely give me the time of day (Sluts basically), I live on campus with friends who don't like the clubbing scene, I have had work and exams to take care of this summer and there are only 2 good club nights a week where I live currently. I know these sound like excuses but I'm not letting them get the better of me and they never will. I'm mainly sarging for practise for freshers week so I don't suffer any aa.

So this is my field report and this time a friend from University was around and I was going to show him how to talk to women and how to hook them in. He's a massive AFC and has pissed off a few friends due to his overly flirty nature around their girlfriends (he's a horrid flirter). So I made him my wing (semi bad Idea) and I would wing him.

My dress code: Black Blazer, Black t-shirt with a design, Black jeans and Black and white shoes. I know it sounds a bit boring but the outfit looked good so I took it on. Plus I look better in black.

I approached a total of 8 sets that night and I managed to hook all of them and also get isolation with my targets. The first two where a complete blur but I remember the second one was a HB6 and HB5 who approached me asking about my jacket, they where both managers but looked older than they where.

My third set was decent but was done with bad calibration and my wing messed it up for me (he commented that she looked confused as I palm read and she agreed). I pulled out of the set a few minutes after she mentioned she has a boyfriend (which did look genuine because she had grounded it pretty well) to which I fluffed for a bit. I saw her later with her boyfriend and they where making out, she was a HB8.

My forth set was a HB9 who was cute. This was messed up for me because when I noticed her from the other side of the smoking section I could of sworn I saw her with a necklace that had a S on it. It turns out she had no jewellery on and her friends where being weird while my wing was standing their being useless, putting in the odd comment or two. She looked disinterested but I hooked her in but her bitchy friends (who where fat and I had mentioned to my wing to occupy them but he had nothing) just had to snatch her away and say "we're going to dance bye".

My fifth target was played perfectly, she was a solid HB9. I opened her up with my own "London west end musical opener" which I would say she looked like an actress that was auditioning for the wizard of oz while I was helping one of my best friends who was the co-director. I then negged her with "come to think of it she did have better hair but your smile is cuter", she was wide eyed and ate it up like a dog and hot chips. I carried on, did the best friends test which they loved, fluffed, got to know her a bit and then went for the cube. She was sucked in, she told her mates to go ahead to dance because she wanted to know what I was up to. After that I was going to transition and then Number Close but before that could even happen, she mentioned during the cube she had a boyfriend. I told her to describe him and what he's like and she grounded that pretty well.

My sixth set was done to perfection. She was on her own, a HB10 and I came in with asking her about her cross necklace she was wearing. It was a bit awkward with my wing just standing behind me but then he eventually walked off after knowing what he was doing. Did a similar routine to the fifth target with a bit about her tattoos and escalating kino fairly smoothly. The cube was also played here. This time out of nowhere (even my wing didn't see this coming and he was watching everything), her fat friend grabs her and says "we're going to dance now" the target looked annoyed and was overly apologetic saying "I'm sorry, I hope to see you later". I just stood their thinking "wtf just happened?".

This felt like either I was doing something totally wrong which I'm pretty sure I wasn't or just very bad luck. I said luck is for losers but this was just ridiculous. Everytime I have been out sarging I have gotten at least 2 numbers and even a kiss. This was annoying because I got all these sets laughing and hooked and something just had to mess it up for me.

I opened up a couple more sets but similar things happened. So I've been pushing my wing to go open, but I opened for him with the target, she was into me but I didn't want to snatch my wings target like that especially as I wanted him to get some experience. The kino was good, within 2 minutes I had my arm around her and DHVing which was working well, Then I introduced him to her. I occupied everyone else while they talked and he somehow got her number. He told me later it was because she was going to help him with his physics work.

It feels like bullshit but it was one step towards just getting rid of AA and I had fun in general, just annoyed that I couldn't achieve one number close but somehow my AFC wing with no game managed it. I was always leading, always bringing energy, escalating Kino but no close what so ever.

If I can get any feedback on to went wrong, if anyone can see anything wrong with that I did then please let me know. I was on overtime before I went out and had no time to calibrate everything in my mind and it was my first night sarge in three week. I was mainly day gaming during that period. But to ammend this for next time I'm going to read my basics for the night game right before I go and I'm not taking a wing because quite frankly even though he did respect me in the end because he even thought I was very unlucky and that I looked very solid in talking to the girls he was still very useless and messed up a couple of sets.

Man this was a long thread, credit to anyone who can read that much shit but I need some sleep now