Was at Blu Sushi on a Wednesday night as a friend wanted to meet up for a few drinks after splitting up with his ex. No intention to game but when a good opportunity presents itself, you go for it. HB 9

Been experimenting with my opener in these situations. This time I used...what has been the best part of your day. Get's them thinking and shows your different. Good way to build rapport quickly. I then kept calling her different names and introducing her to new people who arrived to the bar by her real name with some form of teasing.

Chatted with her some and asked if her current b/f spanked her enough, while mirroring her body language. Got a positive response and set up a day 2 to attend Dayglow, after I found out she was going and one of the girls she was going with was a girl I went to high school with.

D2 was amazing. Did a bunch of qualifying and introducing her to a ton of people I knew. Blew her mind at the end of the night. Here is what I used...

Told her we will not have another date. We will make it real easy and casual. When you want to hang out you will call me and when I want to hang out you will call. We will get to know each other. You sleep over my place and I will sleep over you place.